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3 months ago
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They drive me nuts sometimes! Sometimes they are so easy where the universe is telling me to eat better and exercise more. And other times I keep getting bombarded by the same thing I literally say out loud "I'm trying here, I've done xyz, if it's not right just tell me" Then those signs go silent for days or weeks and then I forget what it waa that happened a few weeks ago. Right now, I feel in such conflict of what to do, I just can't see/interpret properly. I've asked to simplify those signs for me, and nothing. I think I'm just confused? Does anyone keep a journal of signs like dreams? I was thinking to try that.
3 months ago
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Well...i know that the signs from the universe are not at all what we think they are about...i have dreams and see signs while awake all the time too...i have no idea what they I SAY I don't know what you mean and I wait for the moment of clarity since those signs we see may not be meant to figure out until it's time to figure them out...when it's time there's usually a click for me and an image of the sign or part of the dream as if to say...THAT'S what that meant...there are portions of dreams that mean something and it has nothing to do with the entire dream...i don't keep a journal...i just trust my guides and higher self to tell me when it's time....theres really nothing else to do about it...keep a journal if you want but the meanings will come when it's may take awhile but it does's pain in the butt
3 months ago
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IF I were more disciplined, I would certainly benefit from a journal. Unfortunately, I'm not...LOL. I totally understand your post. I'm getting better but, Im usually best at interpretation after the fact. Must be that's how we learn? 😉
2 months ago
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I agree with you @womanwhowalks. We just have to do our best as we wait for things to clear up in time. Just know that when the 'universe' goes silent, it is still working behind the scenes, so we just have to do our part or something

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