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4 months ago
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I wish to talk about spiritual gifts being passed down or inherited in a family, members "waking up" to it, without any form of education in this sense. A few years ago I became heavily attracted to reading and studying on my own about the many different types of spirituality, belief systems, layers of reality, myths and legends, astrological systems. I believe I was 12 when I started noticing some weird things around me, and the most of all, very strong feelings at time before something was to happen, or IF an act would lead to something potentially dangerous or life-threatening. But such topics were pretty much looked down upon. 

After finally opening up, even if vaguely, to my mother, I found out we have had before in my family, my grand-grand mother and a mother's relative, accurately doing readings for friends and family. My own mother admitted to having precognitive dreams but being scared or uncertain about them. She's been trying to tell apart what is real from what are fears. When I started waking up to a few more things I really did not like around me I had to pull back because such thoughts were too much for my own family to take in rationally. So I was just by myself... and forums from time to time, always searching to remain rooted and conscious about my gut feelings and the things I can perceive. It wasn't exactly a straight road...

The signals are everywhere if you can listen to them, and nothing happens without warning, that I know. I have been able to hear thoughts at times especially if they are connected to me and perfectly re-tell them, sometimes kind of scaring people especially when I was younger, which ended with me talking much less than anyone else, being more shy, and having them think I'm weird... I've learned that people, as they grow up, detach so much sometimes from their real selves, maybe because of their environments they end up working in, that they are afraid of being seen as they are or looked at in this way, especially if by a non-family member. I have always had a special thing for animals, nature and kids, and a way of digging up potential lies. It's funny how you learn to not be scared of the more shadowy part of people or of yourself, a pretty valuable and interesting lesson. It's more about balance and re-directing it, and the asian spirituality is right about portraying both ligth and darkness. 

As I grew up I learned more about personal power, detaching more and creating healthier boundaries. (but not typical conscious shielding, no matter what I read here I don't feel it at the moment to be the best option at all for... people in general, not talking about specific cases) I even kept it secret-ish when, in search for a quiet place where closing your eyes and thinking about spiritual things is not an issue, I ended up in church gardens on a bench or inside it, and everything was fine, but I had to keep it for myself not to alarm my family.......... which is basically the story of my life till now. I've been working towards connecting this side to the mundane life in a way that family, my close ones and even other people that come in contact with me can understand and accept, because I can't be someone else (I've tried to. Had self-undoing tendencies too. So my advice: don't repeat the same mistake, just because some people who don't know you think you should behave a certain way). I'm not using many specific words, in fact it's interesting what pure thinking/attitude and actions do by themselves. All in the while, I was a "normal" kid, then teenager, now finished university, going for Masters. I've been keeping an eye on my dreams as well. 

My father's mother also had 3 big precognitive moments in her life, last one being before a big earthquake, which could have killed my father as a baby: she saw a wall falling on him, and so she woke up and moved him away. Then after a few minutes this is exactly what happened, the bed on which he was previously sleeping was covered in the wall's debris, after the earthquake occured. 

I don't know what to say about this other than I did not suddenly wake up to it, but just kept it for myself or tried to redirect it until I could no more. I've talked with my grandmother about my relatives but it seems like it was allright during those times and people did not mock or try to bring them down. They were doing it as part of their lives, of course I was curious to hear about repercussions, but there weren't any happenings connected to their forecasting as far as I'm or grandmother was aware of. Also on the maternal line, there is a 90% incidence of Cystic fibrosis, and I already had a few minor issues related to this as well, but again, just minor fortunately, and I've been healthy overall, "thanks God" as we say here ^^. I also have a weirdly sensible sense of hearing. I very much like to think it's normal for us as a species to have such gifts in order to positively advance, and a big shame to disdain them, like it is happening. 

Note: I still consider myself Christian because this is how I grew up and the way I was raised, it's never been a contradicting system of beliefs, not at all. But I also believe in these other things and valuable lessons that all religions on this earth can offer. 

What do you think about it? What are your experiences with people claiming to have "gifts" running in families? I know this forum has many American members in it, and the native American heritage is rich in spirituality and respect for one's land... (just one example). What is your story, connected to your family? 

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Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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Thanks for sharing your history and questions. I am also a Christian empath. I think the way a lot of religious people interpret the bible puts them at odds with the supernatural and the abilities of psychics and empaths. But my belief is that God gave us these gifts to help humanity. They say 5% of the population has empath abilities. What is less known is how many of that 5% have awakened to their abilities and are using it. I think that number is pretty low and that awakened empaths are a fairly small club as a percentage of the population.

But I have found that most definitely spiritual gifts run in families. But there are some cases where it does not run in families and then someone has a traumatic event that switches on their empathy. So I think it is possible that all of humanity has the equipment to develop empath skills. There is a lot of talk about humans only using 10% of their brain power. And I think as we advance as a species and use more brain power that we will at some point be able to have everyone use empathic skills as well as other skills like telepathy.

But the good news is that for those of us that are empaths we arrived in this life preprogrammed for these skills. My background is that my great grandmother on my Mom's side had some very powerful skills. And then my grandmother on my Dad's side always had this magical ability to raise the vibration in the room and make everyone feel happy. But she was a devout Baptist and I think her religious beliefs probably muted her abilities. But there still seemed to be something there. And then my Mom is a minister who has admitted to me that she sees and feels otherworldly things. And then myself and my two kids are both empaths. So in my case there is a whole family tree of empath genetics being passed down throughout the generations. And if others can comment, I'm fairly confident that they have a similar family history with empathy.

You can definitely still be a Christian and an empath at the same time. I don't see a conflict there and like I said, I believe God gave us these skills for a reason. However, you probably have to keep your empathy a secret from your fellow church members as they will not understand and they may judge and label you as something hurtful.

4 months ago
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@Hop Daddy

Thank you for sharing! It means a lot to read that other people, and as in your case, entire families, have grown accustomed to their gifts and learned to manage them without hurting anyone or themselves (hopefully). 

Yes, I had to keep it hidden from virtually most people and got used to doing so. Sometimes really nice things happen. Some friends or people might "sense" something and actually want to meet up with me to talk about spirituality, or simply confess stuff in general. I've had some pretty tough things to deal with on a mental level, and for a long time I think I was caught in my family's matters that needed to be solved, on a psychological and spiritual level too. But family remains family... and all for the best, we want to hope, except I was urged to become more independent and so I and so I do judge a few things about them now. 

I have been very concerned over the years about what I do and what I shouldn't, to try and preserve whatever abilities I have... it's kept me away from "dangers" but it's not exactly easy to explain decisions that are different from others', such as needing more time for myself and so on. And it's definitely been a wild ride through the educational system here. Not the best. I mean my grades were good... but there were so many unnecessarily hurtful things... real unnecessary. 

Every time i start writing, a novel unravels, and I have to get self-conscious and write shorter posts here, lol. I am hoping more people will wake up to it... 

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