Changing dimensions

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Cat Whisperer
4 months ago
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Anyone else out there experiencing longer times in 5d? I am having prolonged periods of intense experiences....everything appears to be socolorful and alive, more synchronicities, general all is well feel. Then when back to 3D, crazy emotions coming in from everywhere. I attribute it to all of the astrological events this month.
One of the synchronicites....happened to come across the book "The Celestine Prophecy" is crazy the things mentioned in the book that I have been experiencing.
I am especially excited about the upcoming eclipse....I am fortunate enough to be able to experience this one in totality. Exciting times indeed!
Blessings to all!
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4 months ago
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Yes!! I didn't put it all together, but now that you mention it....
Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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5D? I'd love to hear about this. We of course live in 3D. How do you get past 4D all the way to 5D? And do you meditate to see things in that realm?

Cat Whisperer
4 months ago
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I didn't meditate to get there, but rather open my heart chakra to feel very deep love...and send that love to everything. I do want to add....unconditional love. I liken it to the feel of when I had my car accident and the being that was with me was emanating that same love feel....universal love. I know it sounds too simple, but that is what seems to work.
This 5d feel reminds me of years ago....a psychedelic mushroom my younger years. Colors, happiness and all the good stuff. (No I haven't been sampling fungus, lol)
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3 months ago
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5D?  sounds like a full experience.  I once had a synchronicity come up regarding voices of something that hadn't yet happened and when it did it was so unlikely that there was no mistaking it was fulfilled.  when hearing that voice it was like an altered state where i was feeling tomorrow also.  If you mean something like that where your sense is far beyond just here and now, yeah it can be like drugs in a way.  No worries on you explaining it wasn't mushrooms now hehe.  It can all get out there at times.  Not sure what to say about the synchronicity as i had some that was absolutely astonishing yet when it came about it all went into heartbreak as many were around who simply didn't want it fulfilled in ways that would have been a blessing to me or another that was referenced.  The universe does seem to open more as you feel more love and revelations occur more i think.  I hope that love is something you felt for you when you had your car accident.  Not sure how badly hurt you were but i hope you are okay now.  Accidents can be scary in addition to causing a lot of havoc.  Whatever you have been going through my best to you with it being shown in the best possible ways with people around you helping it be so rather than making sure it be no.  Best to you for it all being about something good coming your way.  We all so much need the unconditional love to go back and forth to where old ouches ease and tomorrow opens as a clear path before us. 

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