I ran across this article & thought I'd post it here to see what others thoughts are.

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Nocturne's Angel
6 months ago
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Hi Everyone,

I ran across this article & thought I'd post it here to see what others thoughts are.

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Cheshire Cat
6 months ago
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Hi NA,

Unfortunately, this article describes me and my life issues to a Tee. I feel like a push-pull toy when it comes to my relationship with other people. I am always weighing my need to help and people only seeming to want me when they need help, versus my desire not to be drained or become any more physically ill than I already am. I do not find shields to work well, and I tend to agree with those who regard them as a form of resistance. 

The only thing I disagree with is the title. I don't think others need to be cautious about us, but vice versa. We're likely to be the best sort of people they run across, IMO.

We all have a shadow side, but I don't even see this as a description of that really, but more as a description of the problems we have living in a world full of people who are not empaths. 

What do YOU think about it?


C. Cat

Nocturne's Angel
6 months ago
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Hi C. Cat,

I agree with you.

I am not fond of the title as I feel that most times we are the ones being negatively affected by others.

4 months ago
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I think it's true and at times I have pondered over how I can be my own single greatest "enemy", which is why it was so important for me to learn quick, and the truth, as much or deep as I could, about me or the people around me, and judge less.

While the title looks to me a bit like specially made to engage other people to click read about "empaths" (and thus it doesn't sound too right. "Aware" could have been a better word rather than cautious lol) what grinds my gears is when people write and believe in things such as "smart manipulators" and so on.

Part of being part of this world is learning to grow stronger but not while walking on everyone around you or kicking them aside. And as much as some people want to consider themselves separate, different souls or entities, your biological body with an encrypted genetic code remains as your "vessel" and the earthly rules or unwritten rules of this Universe remain. You get back what you send, you meet with what you keep hidden inside, for it always searches for an outlet or flow. Boundaries are healthy and must exist, sometimes pain is necessary, but "manipulators" as you call them are never "incarnations of evil from birth" in my honest opinion. They need someone to "see" and like them just as you do, but then there are all those past experiences and mirrors you've broken yourself into to fit a mold that others believe in but is unnecessary. How you realise this is not through shielding and pampering but neither through succumbing to vices or addictions. It's through living but keeping hope and belief. It's a thin line, but we are made (and desired) to learn to walk on it rather than always stumble and fall into some of the darkest pits: violence, genocides, religious crimes, destroying of the environment all around in every way. In the sea, kilometres under the Earth (fracking), air, soil, animals, plants.

Maybe the "narcissists" you meet reflect a part of you, that part which, confined in a cage with walls made of some negative past experiences, made you primarily and only think about yourself or self-pity, or cases when just your constructed ego was hurt, not your true purpose or core, and thus there was nothing to fear in the first place, but only more to analyze about yourself. Let some think they're smarter and chuckle under your breath, you don't need to waste your energy on no one who you think doesn't deserve and who have forgotten even what joy is. What I mean to say is that sometimes it is hard not to get involved, it's like an obsessive disappointing deeply saddening thought of "But why, this isn't necessary, come let me show you something better!". I had to learn that if someone refuses it once and again, it's not your place anymore to try and force and opinion, even if you (think/feel as if you) are right. They will realise later. And if you did your "job" well, they won't even link the good thought with you necessarily, but realise the existence of an abstract form/idea/way/choice that is better. The more people you meet with your feet grounded the less you attribute to them superlatives such as "the most evil person I know" because you'll meet "worse" (for you) and if you did your part, might even find out the person you once perceived as "evil" or "master manipulator" had, say, an abusive father and family, and now tries to correct themselves and lead by better principles. And by the way, family remains the most important unit in this world, and the environment/ideas you grow up in ends up end up dictating what you will do later, whether you chose to go away from them, chose something tangent or follow them.

Some people will always have strong callings and a need to fulfill their purpose, that seemingly not even family was able to dull, but still.
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Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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I thought the article was pretty accurate. And it touches on something I have been working on lately. And that is, we have a tendency to want to help everyone to the point of exhaustion to ourselves. Taking on so much each day was really taking a toll on me. But then I read a book that suggested that empaths need to be a little more picky with who we share their gifts with. I have found that there are people who we can help and really make a difference. And then there are the serial help seekers who are stubbornly off their life path and are always bringing their problems to us when in fact they are the problem. This second type always seems to be mixed up in daily drama and is all too happy to feel better by dumping their drama pains off with us. While they are no closer to learning their life lessons and making the life changes that would make them happy and aligned with their intended life path. 

@cheshire-cat, I also am not very good at shielding. I have had luck with some level of shielding from protection stones. But for the most part when I am out in the world I am exposed to raw energy that can really take it's toll. That's why I am learning to pace myself and not be open to every person who needs me for an energy exchange.

I also agree that the title is a little oft-putting. When I hear about someone’s dark side I immediately think evil or bad side. I have yet to meet an empath with a bad side.

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