Where does our Empath Gifts come from?

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7 months ago
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I have asked this many many times. Still, no exact answer ..,. Hmmmmm


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Trevor Lewis
7 months ago
274 posts

Let me suggest a different question ... "How do non-empaths avoid these abilities?"

What if the state of empathy was our natural way of being?  What if our society has managed to instill suppression of these abilities?  


7 months ago
1,194 posts
Hello Trevor. Certainty some good question to think about. Thank you
lucky seven
7 months ago
10 posts

I think it has a unique meaning for each of us... 

Cat Whisperer
7 months ago
733 posts
I believe that we are born with it, so it would be our Maker
6 months ago
320 posts
I agree with Trevor. Look at animals or our pets. They always know when we are not feeling well or our moods. How danger is close. Maybe it is that the sense is suppressed by society.
6 months ago
803 posts
I have to agree with Trevor...most of us have grown up knowing we were different...we just haven't had access to the right kind of information...

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