Strong sensations???

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7 months ago
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My empathic skills and intuition has grown tremondously the past few months. It's so strong that I almost can't function. People at work and in my personal life are questioning what I am doing. Even though something logical to do, my gut says no. So I follow it and I'm right. So now naturally I'm so impressed with my intuition and fascinated more by it. People are asking me to justify myself. What???
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7 months ago
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Good for you @tigerlily.

Seems your energy levels have heightened, so right now it's important to stabilize it to this level. First thing is, don't over do using abilities, but keep constant practice. What I mean is, don't start using your abilities to serve others just yet, it needs to stabilize first. Using it for yourself is fine, and good practice. Secondly, it's really important to ground and get comfortable. Thirdly, don't justify anything to anyone, hehe, just give any excuse you can. Trying to justify or explain these things is a trap that can cause a 'crash' and subsequent fallout. One thing you might begin to notice though is that as abilities develop, certain people tend to distance themselves, while certain other will become more open towards you. This is probably because of the change in your overall vibrations (and underlying beliefs), so you will start to repel some people you attracted before and attract people you did not before.

Cat Whisperer
7 months ago
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Way to go! that's great...keep up the good work of listening to your inner self, it won't steer you wrong
Great advice on justification and explanations. You are so correct in this statement, this very thing is occurring and is causing me to crash....hard. Still learning to balance my gut feelings with my ever present need to help everyone :/ Compassion won out over gut, paying price, another lesson being learned on this journey, lol.

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