understanding being an empath

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vicky clyne
7 months ago
2 posts
hi. advise or experience would b appreciated. i'm not coping with my empath abilities, affects every relationship and i think people think i'm odd, im always worrying about their feelings and what i can do even risking my health and my friendships. i asked my best friend if she was depressed, i sensed . iv got a physical disability . ahhhh! iv just began to relise im not wierd when i came across this site and see there are others. i isolute myself because can't feel people's energies or emotions that way. now that i think about it i've always had an empath ability.
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Trevor Lewis
7 months ago
274 posts

Hi Vicky,

First welcome!

No you are not weird. Just a member of a select "club" who are still discovering other "members". You are not alone.

Start with Elise's Empath Survival Program: https://www.eliselebeau.com/empath-survival-program

My own favorite techniques are:


and http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/trevor-lewis/blog/1915/working-the-chakras-for-empaths



vicky clyne
7 months ago
2 posts
thankyou for letting me join and thankyou for links

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