Karma and Spreading Emotions/ Effecting your Energy

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7 months ago
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So this is just kind of a post to make you think about Karma and how the emotion and the energy you put out comes back to you... I just kinda want to start a deep-thinking discussion (I have this with friends but it never goes as far lol)

     I think "Karma" works in multiple different ways. One of the most obvious and easy to understand being through basic human interaction where if you compliment someone or make them happy, you're happy while doing it and it spreads to them, which in turn they hold on to that happiness and then spread it to someone else, and then when you give someone else positivity like that they will want to start giving positivity back to you... on the flip side with anger and hate, if you yell or let out your anger on someone, sometimes you feel better, but that person takes on anger and they spread it, and they will stay angry with you and eventually it comes back to you.

     I do think there are other forms, like how a guilty conscience can make you act a certain way that will come back to bite you (I'm still thinking on it, specifically on scenarios). But then there's definitely a bigger picture kind of way that eventually putting out bad energy (whether its through what you say, what you think, and your intentions) will affect your personal overall energy/vibe and will offset people to not interact with you and your overall interactions with other people will be negative.  I know this isn't quite some people's way to pass time, but I love thinking really deep on things, and my mother told me "As you get older and wiser you'll realize there is no such thing as Karma" and It just got me thinking on ways to prove Karma works... (Funny how that came from a superficial and almost narcissistic person...) I would love to hear thoughts on this! Like if you agree, dont agree, why, or even if you think of different ways karma works... 

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Cat Whisperer
7 months ago
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Yes, there is karma, anyone that cannot see the cause and affect of it, perhaps they are in denial or don't want to recognize it at all. What you describe can also be likened to a ripple on water. Drop something in water...it sends out ripples that will affect anything that ripple reaches, like wise, once that ripple reaches something else, it will in turn send a ripple back out....return it if you will....like karma. This drop that creates a ripple, it will also go out and continue affecting things so far away. It a good example on how everything is connected and how actions, thoughts, words affect others. If everyone would stop and think this deep before doing, saying there would be less negative reaction in this world. The reality though is that deep thinking appears to be a rare trait. Not many want to take the time to "peel back the onion" so to speak. Great topic @loconnoro
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Corey Easton
7 months ago
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Karma is a huge subject I prosper on, because in order to make my life better I had to understand the laws of the universe. The problem with empaths that make are journey so difficult is we soak up negative energy in simplistic terms like a sponge. The problem is when we are unbalanced we are not processing or transmuting these energies we are literally dumping this energy out of us in to the world. This is why until we understand this, why our lives are so difficult from an extreme amount of bad karma along with all the health issues that come along with being a "unbalanced empath." Even though the bad karma might not be ours to begin with, we signed up for this life on "expert mode". So anything we put back out to the world creates our own negative karma. The positive is once we understand this and take accountability for all energy we take in and put out. We can make our lives better extremely fast with the amount of positive energy we can put out into the world making extremity good karma for us. Way easier said then done though.

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