Teeth ?

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8 months ago
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First my wisdom teeth. Instead of having to have them pulled out they just feel out on their own. As they fell out they begin to chip into pieces Which did not hurt at all... This happened over the course of about a year. In that year I had to deal with several deaths in the family. One in particular was my grandmother. It was easy for me during the process but my mother took it really hard which was expected. During that time I would get these really really bad pains in my mouth. Mostly on the right side toward the back. At the time of my grandmother's passing the only thing I found was that the top to the back right had to do with the losing of a parent or something of that sort in the last few months i can tell just by talking to someone if they were going through something similar . normally when that hurts it is to do with a person that has lost or is losing a loved one. Maybe they just walked out of that person's life instead of death. Now on the other hand toward the front at what i call the K-9 tooth. I found that it begins to hurt when someone is angry. It feels as if the tooth is being twisted in my mouth. At times I can not even talk when this is going on. Now some may say go to the dentist but that is not the case here. In fact I at times can tell people what or who made them made. So I know it has something to do with the hurting tooth. I start feeling the pains before I even make contact with the person. Then once I talk to the person the pains go away. That is how i know who it was that I was feeling. Today the last piece of wisdom tooth fell out of my mouth and now the left side is starting to hurt just like the right side. The only thing I have been able to come up with so far is that it may have something to do with kids. I not sure yet but i am still feeling my way through this thing. Since my first post I have been able to get a lot of things under control and there are new things coming up. Help would be highly Thanked!!

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8 months ago
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This is very interesting...I had very bad teeth...not from lack of care either. My Mom, Grandma & Aunt all have the same teeth. We all have dentures even, they were that bad! All of those women are empaths too. I realize you are talking about feeling in your teeth (and that is very interesting!) but, I'm wondering now about teeth in general? I will be watching to see if anyone else comments. Thanks for the mind expansion :)

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