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Congratulations! To me, its really inspiring that you stuck with CS even when your spiritual side was calling you down another path.

I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I picked this major because I like STEM and of course, for the jobs/money. However, little less than a month ago, I had my "spiritual awakening" and realized that I was an empath. This realization seemed to halt my interest in STEM for a bit because I was very confused, lost, and felt the calling to give up my goals of being in the STEM field to instead go down the path of psychology or something spiritual. 

I've been able to reason with myself to stay with STEM (at least for now) as everything school wise is going fine. I have really good grades, love my classes, and even scored an internship for the summer, woot! But, I am still trying to figure out what to do after I graduate. Do I go on with my original plan with embracing STEM and then business with the end goal of being a higher up in a company? Or do I decide to pursue knowledge relating to the spiritual side of things, like using my ECE skills and knowledge to analyze the brain, heart, etc. Both of these paths have their ups and downs, in terms of financial stability and self fulfillment.

I wish you luck on your journey as I continue to ponder about mine :)!

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Good for you.  You will find the computer degree very handy as it will help you understand people's insecurities about the future especially with AI on the rise and the replacement of jobs that were done by people.

Psychology is a great discipline to study.  I have loved it all of  my life although I have never pursued a degree as I would absorb too  much of the negative energy of others.  I particularly like Jung and Rational Emotive Therapy by Albert Ellis.  It dovetails with Socrates and sociology studies.  I am on my 4 career and working on a fifth as a Lightworker writer.  I wish you well and always remember that we only regret the chances we didn't take.

Throw some love into the wind.


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I also had the same thing going but with a tougher luck... in my country there aren't many opportunities on what i would have had a personal drive for (psychology/special education/sustainable tourism/environmental sciences/even biology field) or they have a abd reputation for not being good, so I just went along with foreign languages since parents etc noticed it easy for me to pick them up. Ends up that it's so much the environment and people through which I pick them up and not the way they are taught at universities with no field trips, little to no interaction, games or auditory materials, basically just paperwork and whatever you can do at home. I realized I could have very well learned what I wanted to learn by staying at a host family from a certain nationality while doing something real for myself or for the career i was "draming" about. It's definitely not the first time normal education leaves me cold though (I talk - you listen, no projects, no interaction, I'm smarter-you're dumber type of stuff).

So what i am doing is I'm finding opportunities to go abroad (Europe) at the moment though it's pretty annoying being in the terminal year here and having to finish something that I don't like ^^. I am naturally artistic and I feel the need to draw all the time, read and listen to so many things, I can't just go conventional... 

It can be worse to have multiple things in mind that you feel like doing, rather than "just one calling". xD And going for the material aspect only? I'm afraid for me it works the other way around... by doing what I can dedicate myself to, I'm able to sustain myself. 

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