Good vibes please

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9 months ago
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I haven't felt depressed in a long time, but it's been hitting me these past couple weeks. I'm depressed, stressed, anxious, lonely. I've been having a lot of crying moments.

If anyone is able to send me loving, healing, good vibes I'd greatly appreciate it.

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9 months ago
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❤ sending love.
9 months ago
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Sending love & good healing energy <3

Deborah Craig
8 months ago
74 posts

nThe love,healing and good vibes on their way!❤

Cheshire Cat
8 months ago
1,194 posts

We've been talking about picking these things up from others nearby in another thread. Since you say you haven't felt this in awhile and mentioned no specific reason for it suddenly happening now, could you be picking it up from a family member or a neighbor? 

I am visualizing you being surrounded in a green, healing light by Archangel Raphael. 

8 months ago
55 posts

Thanks everyone.

Cheshire, no, it's definitely mine. Lots of things have accumulated over the past couple months. I've done enough work that I'm able to differentiate what's mine and what's others. Thank you though.

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