Whose energy is it?

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9 months ago
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I'm a little less than confident on figuring out the energies and emotions I'm feeling. I just watched a Suzanne Giesemann video where she said she was picking up other people's anxieties on a plane flight. Yesterday I was talking to my husband about his work and when he left the room, I was so angry. It did hit me that although the wasn't displaying anger, it was his anger! I felt so different after that, like the anger was just gone.

Sometimes it's not as clear though. Is the grounding the thing that helps us distinguish? Is there something else I can do to work on this?
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9 months ago
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It's hard for empaths to sort out their feelings, since they feel just like ours...

Grounding is an essential Empath skill but it might not help here since the foreign feeling IS there.  You are feeling it.  So when you're grounding, you're just paying even more attention to that feeling inside you.

A quick way to sort this out that I use all the time is Turning Down the Volume.  It's the first technique in the Empath Survival Program.  By turning down what you pick up from other people (do NOT try to turn it off), what's left behind is yours.  

Ironically, it solves two problems: 1) Identifying feelings that are not yours 2) Preventing external feelings from affecting you.

I hope this helps!

Trevor Lewis
9 months ago
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Absolutely agree with Elise ... and just asking the question "Is this mine?" is a great place to start. Half the time, for me, when it is not mine the emotion melts away immediately.

The biggest challenge can be remembering to ask the question before I get caught up in the emotion (if you have friends who understand, it is great to train them to ask "Is it yours?" the moment you phone phone them up complaining about your latest mood).

There are no techniques that work for everybody, all the time. Be flexible. Find your favorite techniques and be prepared for even your favorites to change effectiveness over time.

9 months ago
108 posts

Thank you both. I forgot about the dial/volume exercise.  I guess I need to be doing that a lot more than I had thought!

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