Looking for direction/doubting your instincts?

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9 months ago
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So I have been thinking about some questions I've had for some time, and thought I'd just throw it out there as you guys are so great with the advice it surely can't hurt!
How do you know when doubts which you have, particularly about the direction you're heading, whether your doubts are legitimate or whether it's just fear holding you back?
In particular I've been thinking for a long time about starting a blog, mainly because I think I would enjoy it. But as soon as I start thinking about it seriously I have all these questions/doubts and I'm not sure if they are legitimate questions I need to consider (like, what makes me think I am an expert in any particular topic enough that other people should listen to me?) Or whether these questions are just an excuse for me to not actually do anything, I guess because deep down I am scared? And yet when I push the idea away, sooner or later it comes back around which is partly what makes me wonder whether it is something I need to just do.
So if you guys have any advice on how you help yourself to differentiate between the two - legitimate concerns vs fears/worries - I would really appreciate hearing your advice!
Thanks guys :)
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Deborah Craig
9 months ago
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Fear stops you dead in the water.....Just go for it.,you have nothing to loose!   If it's not for you,then stop doing it!   Go with your gut !..Don't over think it,I believe...Sitting on the fence for me,I don't like being there....Make a decision....You would be surprised how many people can be touched.....Many people through life's experiences can be better than the experts...you lived these experiences...

Kit Kat
9 months ago
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I think the fact that your ideas keep coming back to you can be indicative of them being inspiration :) We as empaths have so much power to help people because of the gifts we have, and I think it's a shame when we don't share these things..

Thank you for asking these questions, for example. Before reading your post I was feeling like I was the one of few who was feeling this way :) I've dealt with problems of figuring out my feelings for years. But something that really helps me is finding excuses for good things to actually work out, rather than finding excuses for them to not work out. If I can tell something is good, for example, trying to share wisdom by starting a blog ;) I might tell myself: "Hey you can preface your views with 'this is my speculation' or, 'from my experience' so your readers know that you're not trying to sound like you know more than you do" and then I feel better about things. 

Again, I can totally relate to feeling self doubt <3 But I also agree with what deborah-craig was saying about how fear holds us back from being the healers we were always meant to be. (I'm working on believing this, too!) 

9 months ago
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Let's chill with the whole paranormal thing for a moment and talk about real, actual science.

Inside each of our brains is a section called the amygdala. There is a section in each hemisphere, located deep within the temporal lobes. The amygdala is responsible for controlling such things as decision making, memory, and our emotions. The amygdala is an important part of our brain function. It is responsible for receiving input from the outside world and making quick decisions about a situation.

This section of the brain is good about giving us quick, split decision responses into situations that look threatening. When those circumstances are things like car accidents or drowning in the ocean, the amygdala is very useful. Fear can be a life-saving emotion to have. But one of the things to keep in mind is that these are rapid-fire feelings we are having. We usually don’t take time to consider whether the thing we are scared of actually poses a threat. We save the logical decision making for further down the road.

Is writing a blog *actually* a life-threatening decision? Or is that just your amygdala trying to prevent you from doing something that seems harmful?

Sometimes it helps to create a pro and con list!

Pros to starting a blog:

Cons to starting a blog:

Pros to not starting a blog:

Cons to not starting a blog:

And that can help give you more insight into how you feel about the situation :)

9 months ago
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Thanks everyone who took the time to respond, I really appreciate it. I'm digesting your answers! Lol
Some great advice though so I really wanted to say thank you all :)
You guys are the best! xx
9 months ago
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When making important decisions I ask my self questions. Is it going to hurt me or someone else. Will it bring joy to me or someone else. I use to be afraid of making decisions because I never knew if it was the right chose because there is so many choses. I try to go by my first intuitional thought. It's usually the truest thought and if it's "no" I ask "why" because fear, like any other emotion will fool you. I say go for it unless it's a "hold my beer and watch this" moment. Lol.
Jan Howorth
9 months ago
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There are loads of cliches you can use here, but the best way to describe your predicament would be: It is better to regret doing something than not doing something. Just have a go and you can always say "I did it", rather than when you are older and greyer "I wish I had". I have had a fear of being a "cowboy" all my life and it has always led me to undervalue myself, but recently I've though I might as well not worry about it as everything I do turns out OK, my fears are the fear itself. The worst thing that can happen is you find out you don't know as much as you think, but that is all part of the learning process. If you get answered a question you can't answer then research it untill you can.

Hope this helps

9 months ago
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Maybe your are suppossed to do it but  may have some "kinks" to work out first. It could be that you have some doubts, if so, figure out what these doubts and concerns you have are. It could also be it may not be the right time. Perhaps you still have a little more to learn before beginning, or it could be you don't have a specific enough vision, reason or intention. If this is the case, ask yourself "what is the purpose of this blog?" "Is it aimed towards something specific or is it more of a personal account of my own journey?" "What am I trying to accomplish, who is my target audience and what am I  wanting to communicate with them?" " Is there a specific form I want to use or is this free writing?" ect. Alot of times, if we are feeling drawn to something but don't have the motivation to do it or something holding us back, sometimes it's fear, but often, we are not clear about what we are wanting to do and why. Maybe with having more specific answer will help you craft a blog that your wanting to create. :)

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