Spiritually/positively energetic places - where are your favorite places to travel?

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10 months ago
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Hi my fellow empaths,

I would love to hear your thoughts or stories related to the places you have been (anywhere in the world) that have felt the most spiritually/positively energetic to you.  I love to travel and see beautiful places and learn new cultures, but over the past few years I have found traveling more draining than when I was younger because of a lot of negative energy.  So I would love to make a list of places that might either offer some opportunities for positive energy or a unique perspective on life.  I know travel will always have its ups and downs and I have to work on shielding myself from that, but I thought you would know what I mean better than anyone!  Thank you so much in advance!

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10 months ago
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I know many empaths do not like cities but I love cities. I love to be inside of crowds, I love the rush of energy. My favorite city is New York. I love all of the people, noise of traffic. I love a good dance club too.

10 months ago
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For me, it's the woods and the mountains. The air is so fresh and the trees are energizing and healing/clarifying. I live near the blue ridge mountains in VA, USA and I love it here! I love to hike trails. There is no better feeling than spending time among the trees!

10 months ago
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Sedona Arizona hands down! I went there this past November and it was the most amaziing experience! It was truly another dimension...mystical and magical and everyone there was friendly, angelic and at peace...I am figuring on how to get back there to live but one step at a time. I live in NY and surprisingly upstate NY in Stone Ridge has the same energies which I was surprised by. and happy cause I just go there and I feel I am back in Sedona. The only thing that is different is not too many people in one area but I haven't been there during the warmer weather :)
Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
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For me it is the lakes in mid Missouri, especially Lake of the Ozarks. It is a man made lake but there is a lot of positive energy there. Friendly down to earth people too (the locals). A lot of tourist in the summer. It is my happy place. Especially the more remote areas which there are a lot of there. 90+ miles of lake. No, I'm not a spokesperson, lol. Loved it so much had to get a house there. I know this sounds weird but it seems that it is easier to manifest there. A lot of Native American history there. The spring at Ha Ha Tonka is awesome.
I have heard that Sedona AZ is awesome too (@bunnigirl) but haven't got a chance to experience that yet.
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10 months ago
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Just bring yourself there. That's all I did. Intuition will lead you everywhere else.

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