The Christian Empath: Our Journey

2 years ago
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Ok, so we are the Christian Empath: the Soothsayers, burden-bearers, empaths, Clairescents, Angel-seeing, Spirit-seeking, sensitive folks that church-goers would never understand nor have any basis to relate to us.  Though this is despite that, some of the above names are in the bible, let alone one of the gifts of the Spirit that the Apostle John refers to.  Then what will amount to a group of people across all cultures, gender, dogma, and any other definition (or limitation) of humanity that share a common journey.  I would venture that, maybe, we are more than the silent awkward figure in the back of the church that knows more about the congregation than the Pastor.  Perhaps we are not merely a stranger to the church that sees, and hears, and feels so much more than what we would ever share - peeping into the windows of souls like a peeping Tom. Maybe we also have already been recognized by God, given to this earth, sanctified by Christ so that we can see, hear, or feel that what is unspeakable.  Maybe we have been given an advantage in order to teach or lead others down a more righteous path.  If only we can figure out ourselves and fight the never-ending bombardment of other people's and thing's energy patterns that often intersect right through us like some crazy compass not knowing true north anymore.  I pray God will reset us, recalibrate us when we need it..  I pray that God will lead us down the very paths we were meant to follow - even (especially) if they are not our own - but also being able to find our way back. Maybe it's that journey with others that God wants of us - such as Christ's journey with us.  What an example to follow! Have a great journey, fellow empaths.

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