I think we can all relate

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10 months ago
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But, most of this is our lows. They never write articles about when our vibration it high and spreading love all over the earth.
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10 months ago
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Yes, I can relate. 

Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
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Boy, @rene...you sure titled this post correctly! Can so relate to this. Yes, I'd like to see an article about the good part 😉
Cheshire Cat
9 months ago
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Excellent post, Rene. It explains why so many of us are depressed too, or maybe I should just speak for myself in interpreting it that way.


C. Cat

9 months ago
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There sure is a dark part!! I've been shaking non-stop for two months. I can barely eat. I sleep too much. This article talks about "the empath" and makes generalizations. I don't like that. There are millions of us and we're all different. We're not a Zodiac sign.

Kit Kat
9 months ago
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SO beautifully written.. I relate so much..

Hop Daddy
9 months ago
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Thanks for the link. I think this summed up my life as an empath pretty well. It noted some feelings that I've had that I couldn't quite put to words until now.

9 months ago
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I found this really hit home with me. Of course, I just learned what an Empath is a few weeks ago, so that may be a factor lol. Also for songs, cheesy as it may be, the current hit 'Mercy' is what resonates with me now. I just feel like I want the universe to have mercy on me for one day.


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