Empathic Consumption

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10 months ago
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Hi guys, today I'd like to talk about a topic that I hope can be very beneficial
to every empath. That topic is empathic consumption.
As an empath it may be nothing new to you that you can feel and even absorb other
people's emotions and feelings. Still, did you know that you can also absorb emotions
and energies from everything around you, not just feel, but absorb and make it a part
of you.
Many are probably already familiar with crystals. I myself have also used crystals, but
I am no expert in them,so I will leave that topic for the experts. What I do want to
talk about is more about music, paintings, movies, chairs, aesthetics and the like.
One of my first mentors mentioned to me about music and how music changes people from
inside. Of course, he was talking about empathic absorption of music. He is a master at
it. He observes people and expertly knows what music to play in the background. Here I
won't go into the finer details of it, but I'd just like to draw your attention to
certain music. A lot of people have experiented with exposing babies still in the womb
to classical music, mostly Beethoven and Mozart. What's interesting is that the babies,
when born definitely show signs of increased intelligence. My theory is that it is not
in the actual music itself but in the energies connected to the music. I'm saying that
the energies that provided inspiration to the composers that brought that music to us
can still be accessed through those pieces of music. So the theory goes, if someone
listens to that music day in, day out, they will be molded by the energies that are
invoked by it. What happens is that subtle internal shifts happen and tendencies
change. As these tendencies change, it becomes much easier to develop desireable
habits.Experiment with various music, and see what effects they have on you. Choose
some music that brings the desired energies for your daily consumption, as a base for
your identity. Some of my favorites are 'Fly Me To the Moon' (Sinatra), currently 'Let
It Go' (James Blunt), and recently 'The World I Know' (collective soul). These are part
of my spotify playlist that I listen to daily to help me along my current goals.
This empathic effect is not restricted to just music, of course. Art definitely
connects to very strong energies. If you view pieces from such masters as Van
Gogh, Pollock, Picasso and so many more, you will feel subtle shifts inside, and
energies moving. This is your consumption of the energies associated with the art
piece. If you notice, a lot of well to do people spend quite some time viewing art at
galleries. Whether they are aware of it or not, they are empathically absorbing the
energies associated with those pieces. I have a friend who is somewhat well to do. He
has art pieces in his home and viewing them is a daily routine. He makes it a
personally sacred time. So, seeing this example, I wanted to try myself, so I googled
for some Pollock and downloaded that to my computer, since I can't afford an original
piece, hehe. Well, after a week, I noticed an increase in non-thinking, intuitiveness,
or just simply knowing. This would be very good if say someone is running a business and needs to make sharp, accurate decisions. It would not be good for someone who doesn't need to make such decisions often as the energies would just build up inside until a bursting effect happens. So, seeing as I do not run a large business I decided that wasn't for me, hehe. Different paintings do different things and there are quite a few modern pieces which have simply fabulous energies. Please do experiment.
Since we are talking about consumption, I guess drinks have to be included. I'm not a
drinking person but many people swear to drinking red wine. Personally, i think its a
fabulous idea, as it seems to work, but again, I'd leave that to the experts. Expert
drinkers, please share. What I do regularly drink is tea, plain water and coffee. I am
very particular about tea, it has to be just right. Green tea is a daily consumption.
Tea from older trees in remote regions are seemingly best. Tea from one of the oldest
plantations in China has tremendously amazing energies, and if you savour it, there is
this warm, golden feel filling you up as you drink. Definitely, tea should be drank
slowly. The Chinese and Japanese even saw it fit to make it a ritual, and rightly so.
Plain water is something that we are quite familiar with. Yet, if you can afford to
have it daily, try Evian drinking water. Feel its rejuvenating energy as you drink it.
I am not associated with Evian in any way, except that I enjoy drinking it as a
consumer. You might want to try experiment also with spring water from various regions
near you and see what effects they have.
Okay, it seems that I have written quite a long post, so I'll continue this sometime. I
invite anyone who want to share their observations of consumption, please do share with
us. Maybe, how certain music you listen to got you through tough times. Maybe a certain
favorite tree you always go to to feel supporting energy. Maybe books that you read
regularly (Think and Grow Rich comes to mind, hehe) or videos or podcasts from certain
people that you view or listen to often, because they have positive effects on your
energy. Please feel welcome to share.

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10 months ago
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I agree. Music changes how I feel. I like uplifting pop and soft rock. I also like instrumental jazz. I love to view abstract art and art by Monet. I try to interpret it. I like to absorb the energies I feel from trees in the woods. I let them cleanse me. I watch Doreen Virtue's angel card reading every week. She has a peaceful energy about her that I like. I'm sure there are even more positive things I like to empathically consume too. Thanks for this delightful post, Hermes!

10 months ago
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You're most welcome @lotusfly! Thank you for taking time to share :).
10 months ago
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@hermes thanks so much for that insightful and thought-provoking post. There's so much in there. I went through a stage some time ago where I had music with a liberating feel or theme to it. I played the list until it was wearing thin. Songs like "We are spirits in the material world" contain that very energy within it.

I have composed music for many years, and what you say resonates very deeply. When I compose, I feel more like a conduit of energies than the source, albeit the way in which the energies are brought together has my distinct imprint also, clearly. I have had certain songs that are absolute favourites like "Sanctify Yourself" by Simple Minds, and quite amazingly I didn't realise (until quite recently) that my returning again and again to these songs was like sending myself a message.

Only in recent times did I realise how obviously I can feel the energy of crystals. I don't have to look stuff up to know which chakras they're associated with and what kinds of things they're associated with (most of the time).

But water and so forth; this is a really good point. I'm aware of this but your post makes me more keenly aware and I will go get some Evian!

Of course there is the energy of the sun.

There is also, unfortunately, electromagnetic energies, some of which feel noxious to me. I especially dislike fluorescent lighting--more than two hours beneath one is increasingly torture for me. Orgonite helps greatly. Screens have mildly noxious energy. Some cell masts have really noxious energy, and indeed radio transmitters are every bit as bad and often worse. I couldn't hold a mobile phone to my head for more than a few minutes until I got a "radisafe". It smooths the energy incredibly.

Trees can bristle with energy. I once sat at the bottom of a waterfall not too far away from where I live, and meditated, and there was bristling energy all around. I focused in on it and sensed it was the trees but also something to do with the rock beneath.

In April I was in a cave and the energy was so intense it was almost crushing. They claim indigenous people never discovered this cave. I beg to differ. They would have known it was there, but left it alone. I just don't think it's a place for people or most animals.

I love the effects of going in the ocean. There is nothing more cleansing and refreshing to me. It's a bit of a re-set of energies, though it also carries a beautiful energy with it I guess.

Nice post, thanks Hermes.

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10 months ago
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Wow @snap. Very nice, I always have this deep respect for composers, and you're a scientist to boot. Very very interesting. Orgonite seems to resonate with me and I'm going to look into that. Thanks for sharing snap.
10 months ago
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@hermes I'm a typical polymath--broad knowledge and adeptness in multiple areas, including psychology, physics, medicine, law, and in arts, music composition and sketching. Ironically, though, I don't think much of the areas I'm knowledgeable in. Have you seen Rupert Sheldrake's "banned" TED talk on science? I love it. I'd trade a lot of "knowledge"ย for some of the insight you have; but then hopefully you don't mind sharing that insight :) I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you're a very intelligent and insightful person. Great having you here. Hope you try orgonite. Really simple stuff is as good as anything. Fancy stuff can have nice, subtle energies; but for me, really orgonite just smooths noxious energies, from EMFs and generally. I'll be really interested in your take on it if you docheck it out.

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Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
726 posts
Music....love it! All genres, depending of course on my mood. It affects me very deeply, it's quite often I get goosebumps from listening to certain songs that move me to my core. Music has a way of taking me to different places that exist in my psyche. Whether it be floating in the clouds, walking on the beach, watching sunrises or just taking me back in time. I definitely feel the energy.
Water and sunshine are both sources of energy for me also. Nothing better for the soul than floating on a raft in the lake soaking up the sun....very invigorating, and talk about extra energy! It literally hypes me up! Great topic @hermes. Nice to have conversations that prompt you to think of the good things in life ๐Ÿ˜‰
10 months ago
104 posts
@cat-whisperer, that sounds wonderful to float in a raft and soak up the sun, I'd definitely agree to that. Thanks for sharing, cat-whisperer.
Blessings :)
Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
726 posts
@cat-whisperer, that sounds wonderful to float in a raft and soak up the sun, I'd definitely agree to that. Thanks for sharing, cat-whisperer.
Blessings :)
Yeah, I'm missing it....come on summer ๐ŸŒž

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