Fluctuating Realities.

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I have no idea how to explain what I have been feeling.  

Lets try to put it into the most clear description we can without sounding like a sci-fi synopsis.

I think I have been moving between two realities my whole life. It has taken almost 30 years but now more then ever the differences are becoming more and more significant, I remember people differently, then the next time, they are like they were, then different again the next time again. Almost as if I had multiple personalities that recognize the same person differently, which would seem much more logical, however how do I know if I do? It isn't just people, its places, even a bridge seems arched more sometimes than others it feels almost flat while driving over it. The strangest I feel about my current perception of reality however is when I feel (think)? I am transitioning, and do not exist for a moment, to those around me I can talk to them and they walk by like I don't exist even around groups not one person will respond or take notice to anything I do or say, my words fall on deaf ears, it even feels like time had taken a break almost a feeling of dejavu but without the remembering it happening before. After a moment, everything feels fine and people then begin responding again. 

It feels like the computer is freezing... Your clicking the button but nothing happens. This has happened many times, and it comes with the internal feeling and I'm not just an annoying person people are ignoring, what I experience is not that, I know the difference. 

Does anyone else experience a wishy-washy reality or is this all on me?

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I feel different each day I wake up. Our perspectives will change based on our thoughts and feelings. Maybe you're just hyper-aware of this? Also, maybe you weren't speaking loud enough for the people in the group to hear you? Being a shy person, if I don't speak loud enough and with enough confidence/intention, I can get ignored in groups too, because people sense that you don't want the attention or they will zone in where the most energy/intention is in the group. Are you a shy/introverted person?

Just some thoughts on it...I don't think it's anything to be concerned about :) I just think you're highly sensitive and hyper-aware of your environment :)

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Maybe you have advanced in awareness. The more aware you are to people and places the more detailed your life becomes.
I have days that seem pretty ordinary then I have some days that I I notice everything in my path. Even a twig breaking in the woods . I had one of these days Saturday. I was outside and the first thing I seen was a strange cloud formation then all the birds started going crazy then my attention went to a bee that was flying around me this time of year. This sounds like ordinary things to the person reading this but it felt like a religious experience or something. I felt like I was in the moment with only the clouds , birds and bee. No one else. I think it's because my awareness was peaking at that moment. This may happen sever times a day or may go a week before it happens again. I have notice , after meditation, this happened also.
I know this doesn't help , just sharing my experience.

I have notice sometimes when this happens I get nervous also.
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This seems more in the area of some type of quantum physics, thing. I don't know to much about it, you will have search the internet, but there is the theory that time only exsist in this reality. And that it is possible to jump into different realities simultaneously. It could be that you are "time jumping" into the future or past. This would also lean heavily on the belief in astral projection. The body can't really physically move through time and space because of it's mass. However, the spirit is a form o pure energy, which would allow astral travel in order to see or even remember these things in it's past  or future form. It is also believed that multiple realities exsist and run simultaneously. This would include you living in multiple realities. I don't know if you everwatched the TV show Charmed, but they have an episode when one of the Elder's tries to kill baby Wyatt. The witches don;t know this yet, so they send their unborn son, who came back from the future, back to the future. The elder cast a spell the opened the door the their reality and the dark reality so the "good witches" were switched with the "bad witches", which was their shadow selves and threw off the balance. Because we are both light and dark, in this episode, they portrayed the good side of the witches in one reality and their shadow self living the same life, but opposite in different dimensions. It's hard to explain, but with alot of these quantum type physic theories, they believe in something something similiar, but times 1000. Some even believe that another dimension is created by ever choice we make. Like one dimension if you choose this route, and another if you choose the other route, ect.  The only thing seperating it is the veils. It's to big for my brain,lol, but something might looking into. Hopefully,someone more knowledgable in this area will respond with more information and even the correct terminology.

Another theory I have is similiar to the above but revolves more around the present time. It's more about kind of either flip-flopping back and forth into different realities, or you kind of blending both realities together which could be done being really connected to your spiritual self. Alot of people will have to go into a type of trance or meditiative state in order to connect to a spiritual realm. But some people are so connected to their spiritual selves, that trance may not have to be deep at all, simply thinking or looking at something could connect them. It's kind of looking into a crystal ball,, your both here physically, but mentally you wherever the ball shows you. Hmmm, like a daydream. When you daydream, your body is here, but your mind is elsewhere. So, you could be walking "inbetween the veils" and in a sense moving back and forth between realities.

And the last theory is this. Psychic abilities. You could be picking up visions due to the energy you are picking up from the person or thing you are looking at. For example, the bridge, perhaps the designer played around with the idea of how to design it, and your vision could be their memory. Or, perhaps there was another bridge there decades ago and it was the original bridge. Or, you be a pre-cog and are seeing what it will eventually evolve into. This revolves more around the ability to pick up energy and reading it. You can also look into Clairvoyance and see if this may be another ability you have that you are not aware of. Deja'vu's are extremely common for a clairvoyant who if beginning to develeop that ability.

The good news it... You are NOT an MP. (Multiple Personality Disorder). True MP's do have more then one personality, but their personalities are separated and one personality is NOT aware of the other:)

But, yeah, maybe research some of this and see if it fits, and if it doesn't, perhaps it will lead you to another answer. Best of luck to you!

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I have days when I feel a bit like you do. For me when this feeling is at its strongest, I feel that places I know all feel and look different. I get a sense of deja vu throughout the day but can't really pin-point any related memories or reasons why I would feel like that. I'll have trouble with relationships with friends and family because somehow they sense that I am different or off. Rooms in my house or office feel familiar yet different at the same time. And I end up with hyper sensitive empathy during those times. When I feel like this I know I am likely to have a bad day from getting overwhelmed by anxiety and watching people I know get irritated just by being around me. I get what you say about it feeling like a multiple personality as people react to me as if I am someone different and many of my own feelings and observations are different. I would say it's almost like having a twin personality that is surfacing. I don't know if this is exactly what you go through but we seem to have a lot of similarities.

I personally have been transitioning over the past year with stronger abilities as an empath. And I have found that I often fail at taking care of myself as an empath. As my empathy gets stronger I have to remember to find time to relax, sleep, and ground out the negative. We are sponges soaking up negative all day from all over. And when I get filled up with that I start spiraling and all sorts of undesirable things start to happen. When I let it get to critical mass I often feel like you are feeling. It's like the negative pushes my mind into another world where I am half here and half somewhere else. When I analyze what triggers the above it often happens after I have had several busy stressful days where I didn't ground or relax. I usually counter it with meditation, reconfiguring my schedule so as not be overloaded, and a good night of sleep. I also always have protection stones with me and these have really helped shield me from some of the daily negative in the world that piles up.

Good luck. Rest up and practice grounding. And you should start feeling like your old self soon.

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