Empaths and Old Soul Connection

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11 months ago
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updated by @rene: 05/30/17 08:07:28AM
Scott Yates
11 months ago
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Very interesting article. Makes some valid points.
11 months ago
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There is also no proof that it is not reality but I have to say , its reality to many on this forum including myself. I can understand when someone questions something when it's not their reality but until the world becomes silent and opens their minds, they will never experience what we do.
11 months ago
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Yes, it makes sense that if we have advanced abilities, we're also likely old souls. Thanks for posting the article and this discussion, Rene.

11 months ago
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Interesting, thanks @rene . It resonates with me, for sure.

11 months ago
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The Article is Spot On 

11 months ago
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Thanks Rene, I've been pondering about old souls lately.

Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
728 posts
Thanks for sharing, it resonates with me as well. Old soul here 😉 I do believe that the more we come back the more spiritually in tune we will be. It only makes sense, I liken it to school...each "grade" you advance in the more knowledge you will possess.

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