How do you guys filter your energy?

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Corey Easton
11 months ago
62 posts
Just curious I started with only being able to renew my energy, or filter bad energy by standing on the ground, bare footed if I could and imagining a funnel on my head and the sun coming through my body and bring the energy in the ground by "roots coming off my feet" going down to the earth and bring back "clean energy". They technique proved to be difficult though especially in the winter. Then I started learning reiki and that was extremely helpful for always flowing in fresh energy but just takes a good amount of concentration.
This next part is not for you if you against the belief of a higher power.
I started praying when I felt filled with toxic energy overflowing in me (learned to pray in tongues, because It seemed the only way to get everything off my chest) and I asked god what he was doing because I would instantly feel better after praying, and I got an image of a face and a large hand of which was pixelated and filled of every color of the rainbow and it grabbed a jar inside my chest region and drank it and i put it back, I instantly felt better. This made me look at negative energy more as "people's sins" and the term "burden bearer" made much more sense. I look at the jar as the Holy Spirit (with the connection of the holy sprit it connects us to god, I see the Holy Spirit as a wifi antenna giving us a connection to god). When our jar is full we get drained and when it overfills our body gets filled with "everyone's trash" so I been focusing on expediting the intercessor process and it has changed my life. The Holy Spirit and relying on god has been a blessing to me.

Some crazy stuff but let me know what you guys think :)

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Nocturne's Angel
11 months ago
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I believe we all filter, etc. differently by doing what works best, resonates, etc. for us.

I filter my energy differently depending on how I feel at that specific time.

Example : I may use electrostatic (Swiffer type cloths), sugar scrubs, hand movements, etc. or a combination or any/all.

I believe that if you've found something that works well for you & resonates with you then I would recommend sticking with it. <3

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Scott Yates
11 months ago
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For me, I keep a constant oversized reusable coffee filter around me and I pray a lot. Because everything must be in balance, the filtering process still allows some negative to come through, but it's bearable. My talks with God keep me grounded and strengthens my soul and spirit. Renews my mind and gives me the energy I need to continue on as an empath. I believe your on the right track in your techniques to co-exist with the gift of empathy.
11 months ago
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I think you can use what ever works. Even standing in the shower, letting the water wash it away or standing in the wind and let it blow away. It's the intent you put behind it I think.
10 months ago
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I agree with Rene, whatever works for you. Definitely try what others suggest and see what suites you. Getting out in nature has worked the best for me. Hikes, beach, driving in the country, just sitting somewhere.
This may sound crazy but ive noticed is having a few glasses of wine. Only a specific bottle of wine and alone. I don't know why I feel recharged the next morning especially if I havent had any drinks in a long time. But it has to be by myself. If I'm out, I don't feel the same. Or if friends are over, not the same. And it's only that one brand that does it the most!
8 months ago
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I have a book called "Self-Care for the Self-Aware" by Dave Markowitz. A tiny little book fully of helpful exercises. I use the Keyhole exercise, where I create a hole in my middle and let all the bad energy pass through it. There are several other good exercises in it too.

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