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@sensi-sante I TOTALLY relate. I am in this situation now and have been for a few months and it is professional related. There was instant attraction/deep connection on my end, not sure on their part. I tune in to this persons energy when not around them and I feel a definite shield from this person the past month when in person. What I am doing is acknowledging this intensity and saying I consciously break this connection if it is not for my highest good which I did new years eve as I have my own huge changes going on with me in my life. I feel the connection less intense today but when I broke the connection the energy got more intense but it has lessened. He is definitely a past life connection I feel and if you acknowledge it maybe you can logically accept it and leave it as is and feel happy towards this and not wonder if you are crazy. You are not you just sense it strong because it is also connected with you directly. With me, I am used to other people's energies but when this is connected to me personally which is rhe first tome ever and that is why I questioned my sanity. I hope this helps because I SO get it...what makes it more fun and I say that sarcastically is this person is an empath too and on the same path already that I have started...

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