Do you actively ground, shield, etc.?

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Nocturne's Angel
11 months ago
867 posts

With the holidays I notice many people talk about experiencing more tension, stress, feeling run down, worn out, frazzled, etc.


My question is : Do you ground, shield or actively balance, cleanse, replenish your personal energy, home, work, auto spaces, etc.?


If you do, do you ever feel that you or your surroundings have become tolerant of the shielding, cleansing, etc. & if so do you switch up your routine to include new techniques?

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11 months ago
1,194 posts
Yes. I do all of those things and I do switch them up. Sometime it's seems my environment gets immune to my shield or maybe an Empath is subject to some grief or sadness. Idk.

I try to get up every morning and raise my vibration so my day goes smoothly but some times my get up and go wants to sleep in. Lol

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