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I'm was and still am to a certain degree the same as you. Grounding and protecting/shielding myself daily with though meditation but you can also ground without using meditation. And about the wandering souls or ghosts , they like your company so if they aren't being too irritating just allow them to be or talk to them They may be wanting to know why they are here and how to get to their destination. They may be wanting you to channel messages to their love ones . They may be just lonly and scared . You can use white sage to smudge your home and that's will help remove some of them.
When you get angry and nervous stop and ask yourself why are you feeling this and if you have no answer think about who you know that is feeling these emotions at the same time although it could be a stranger. I know from experience that when you are driven by fear it amplifys all the emotions into chaos and messes you senses up. That's why I meditate daily to calm myself from my day and I pull all my loose ends back in.
Have you took a look at Elise Empath Survival Guide ? It gives you ways to turn the emptions down. But know all Empaths go though similar things as you in the have to gain control and use it to help and heal others. It took me awhile but now I'm honored to be an Empath and have all the gifts. You have to embrace it and use your gifts as a tool to heal the world.
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