A quiz just for fun

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11 months ago
1,194 posts
I'm Arcturian ....I hope that's a good thing. Lol.
11 months ago
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I'm Pleiadian. Second quiz that has the same result. Thanks for sharing, Rene.

Nocturne's Angel
11 months ago
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You are an Arcturian being. You have strong personality, deep inner strength and knowing within you. On the surface you appear strong, capable and powerful. There is a feeling from childhood of having an important purpose in your life, but you don't know what that is yet.

You are very creative. You use your creative flow on writing, art, designing or creating in some ways. You are very good public speaker, have good sense of timing and humor, you enjoy making others laugh.

Cat Whisperer
11 months ago
726 posts
Sirian here, thanks for sharing @rene
updated by @cat-whisperer: 12/23/16 07:27:01AM
11 months ago
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Arcturian here as well 

Hop Daddy
11 months ago
506 posts

I got Andromedan. But I have to say I was often torn between answers to pick so who knows. But thanks for the quiz.

11 months ago
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I‘m Andromedan

Andromedan Starseed
You are an Andromedan and you seek freedom.
There is a deep inner thirst and drive that leads You to search for this feeling of freedom. You may change jobs, homes or relationships in your search. At some point, you will realize that the freedom you are seeking, and the feelings you often have of being trapped are not due to your actual circumstances.

The true freedom you seek comes only from within you. It is found only by developing your self love, and the inner spiritual self. Other than that you are very capable being, you work hard, teaching, sharing knowledge, you are very creative and allow yourself to grow in other areas

11 months ago
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11 months ago
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I can't pull up the quiz but I am definitely Andromedan.  I am a singer/songwriter you name it and my band name which was just me was Andromeda....I had no idea why I named my band years ago but there ya go...it felt so amazing to me when I walked around in my blue jeans jacket and an artist friend painted scenery and the name on the back! funny what the universe tries to tell you!  I even changed my name when I moved to England to Andi so everyone referred to me as that and one day I had to show my license and a friend said uh I thought your name was Andi??? lol I guess I didn't realize it until recently when my artist friend turned up again in my friends life and I said hey I lost that jacket can you make me another one!

11 months ago
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I got pleiadian
11 months ago
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I'm Andromedan.  Thanks for sharing. I thought it was an interesting selection of questions.

Cheshire Cat
11 months ago
1,185 posts

I came out as Arcturian. I would have sworn I am a Lyran, since I have detailed memories of my life on a planet in that constellation, but that may not have even been one of the choices. I don't know. 

10 months ago
104 posts
I got pleiadian today, so lets see, I've gotten Andromedan, Arcturian and Pleiadian. I wonder what a mix of the three would result in.
Who shall I create today.
updated by @hermes: 01/19/17 03:36:57PM
Mythical Spark
10 months ago
8 posts

I'm Arcturian.

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