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oh thank you SO much Jojo. :)

Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
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Hey Corey yes a blocked throat chakra does result in an inability to express thoughts/ a fear of speaking which in turn can result in depleted confidence and self worth. But don't beat your self up over it in the future if it happens again as your gift as an empath makes you more sensitive to the negative energy of others which is usually what causes a blocked chakra. You are feeling the fear which your colleague has on the inside and this is what I would say is most likely causing your blockage as fear is a very negative energy. Here is a link which details some easy methods to clear your chakra and prevent it from happening so much in future http://www.chakras.info/throat-chakra-blockage/ Its most likely that your co-worker is communicating through a social mask. A social mask is created by the ego (which is made up of fear) and stops the person who is wearing it from showing their genuine self (our true self is found in the vibration of love (truth)) to others. The social mask shows to others what the mask wearer thinks they should be or what they want others to see them as or both. People who carry a lot of fear are lacking in love for themselves (although they will likely have pride which is part of the ego(fear)) As an empath you are more closely connected to love and are a better judge of character than most people. Both of these things can make someone thats lacking love for themselves feel more fear and inadequacy which in turn you will feel. Hope this helps. love and light

You have a lot of wise words Jojo 😉 Thanks for sharing the link. I'm always up for learning.
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