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2 years ago
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....anyone else feel like they are a highly skilled money empath at this time of year??? You know, money comes in you feel it for a moment and then transmute it out into and it's gone? Haha !

Sorry I am in a terrible mood, I hate this time of year and all the pressure that surrounds but that gave me the first lil crack of a smile in a few days!
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2 years ago
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The media has commercialized the holidays to the point that it's stressful. Have you ever noticed how the toy commercials takes over the cartoon channels this time of year? It's crazy. They double price toys knowing the family is going to pay it so the children will not be disappointed come Christmas morning. It's just sad. When you live on a budget it's hard to by expensive things and when your rich you feel like they just want you to buy the love. It's a no win situation
updated by @rene: 12/04/16 08:46:08PM

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