12/1/2016: energies in world...

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Hi all! glad the site is back up today! :)

I had a strange meaningful dream early this a.m. and I should have written it down and thought i would remember it but obviously no! :(

Is something more EXTREMELY off today specifically in the worlds vibration? It went from bad to way worse today and my emotions and physically body are in wreckage due to it.

My energy has changed very much so to a much calmer higher vibration energy handling all emotions thrown at me and not absorbing them after returning to NY last Thursday from a life changing trip to Sedona AZ...

Anyone specifically affected today way more than usual?
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Hop Daddy
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I'm not sensing anything today. But earlier this week I got a feeling that something was off in my world. This happens every couple weeks. I call it the "Glitch in the Matrix" where I walk into a room or place I know and everything looks the same but feels vibrationally different. Sometimes it makes me anxious and other times nothing bad happens.

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My energy is higher and more positive today. The past two days I was very depressed and worried, so I'm glad for the reprieve :)

Maybe you're feeling a shift from the new moon. It makes a lot of people anxious, feeling like they've gotta make a change or do something.

Glad you had a life changing trip to AZ. Would love to hear about it!

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I have had a lot of people complain about this and also a lot of headaches
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Hi @bunnigirl. Something was going on yesterday, and in fact the day before, for me. Mentally everything was just going too fast and I was distracted. I was majorly annoyed at a driver yesterday and, while he was driving stupidly, I'd normally have been mildly irritated.

Yeah, certainly I felt like there was something up with energy and not a good day. Got a right ear-ringing yesterday (tells me something significant coming up) and it's been a good day today (so far).

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Yeah I feel something is going on maybe I just felt it most yesterday...

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