Anger and Social Justice

2 years ago
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Hello fellow Empaths,

I am new to this site and just recently learned that I am an Empath (what a relief to learn that I'm not just overly sensitive!). I am super happy to have a place where I can share my time with like-hearted people. 

I have an incredible challenge that I thought some of you might have insight on. Due to the election results, my eyes are now wide open to the mistreatment that happens to minority groups. So many emotions are flooding me...guilt for being complacent previously, guilt for white privilege, anger that humans can be so selfish and mean, sad that people are being abused with hate crimes, etc.

I realize that I need to find balance and turn this anger into action, however, I have been speaking up, joining social justice groups, meditating, trying to relax and I just feel permanently uptight. I almost feel like I need permission to feel joy and happiness again, like it's not even right to feel that when so many people are hurting. I know I can't carry the world on my shoulders and it isn't helping anyone for me to feel this way but I'm at a loss. I feel incredibly connected to kind and loving people but completely disconnected to hateful and racist people. I just wish they would all go to a different planet! 

Anyone else feeling this? Thanks for reading. =)

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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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