Electrical disturbence??

3 years ago
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Just curious on this. Has anyone noticed electrical disturbences around them? As some of you know this past month in my personal life has had some grief and lots of stress. For example, I had to have my phone reset to factory standards and it has been working great again. Last week was extremely stressful with work and noticed my phone battery was draining really fast. I had nothing running on it. Then my car battery went out, and now have a blown fuse in the fuse box at home. I thought the light bulb just went out, as that has happened before many times where I've turned on the light and the bulb goes out. Even my computer at work is acting weird. Is it me that I'm so stressed I'm pulling the energy from electronic things, or just random acts of coincidences those electronic things need fixing all in one week?
updated by @tigerlily: 09/07/18 11:14:47AM

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