Is this a creditable website empath quiz?

2 years ago
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I like to take quizzes online sort of a fun thing for me to do and I wanted to see what a quiz would say about me and being a Empath since I'm trying to see if it's Empathy or Bipolar Disorder which I was diagnose as a preteen. So,  I stumbled on this quiz that actually looked more creditable than most quizzes for fun do.  So,  I took it and it says my abilities are strong and I'm probably more of a Medium. But,  I thought Mediums can see, speak, and actually invite spirits to enter their body type of thing. And I don't think I'm that far into this.... The website was . Yes I know I wouldn't base my abilities and life off online quizzes but maybe someone could tell me more about Mediums or if my knowledge is right about Mediums. 

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