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Hello and Welcome.   

The more you find yourself the more you will see we are alike and connected   

We all feel the fear that has blanketed the earth due to the election   But fear is only an emotion and can be overcomes by for all

If you have any questions , please just ask   

Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
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Welcome to the EC @ray94! 

Hop Daddy
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Welcome @ray94!

It sounds like you could be an empath based on your descriptions. Here's a list I found online of different types of empaths to help you identify where your gifts are. Most empaths are more than one category of empath.

The following are the common empath types:

  1. Claircognizant Empath

This is normally defined by the capacity to just understand something must be done, or is true or deceptive, without any basis in reason or logic. Most often this type of empath knows when someone is lying; hiding something or when something is right or not.

  1. Emotionally Sensitive Empath

Many empaths tend to be emotionally sensitive and they can emotionally and physically feel emotions from another individual before they even expressed it.

  1. Physically Sensitive Empath

Many Empaths can also be physically open to bodily pains and other people’s sicknesses. This will be an especially useful ability in healing, and frequently shows itself in the Empath’s own body.

  1. Fauna Empath

This type of empath can feel, hear and communicate with animals.

  1. Flora Empath

This type of Empath can connect with plants, having the capability to receive signals that are mental and physical.

  1. Geomantic Empath

The goemantic empaths are readers of energy of earth. Many are able to predict and feel natural disaster before they happen.

  1. Medium Empath

This kind of Empath can see, hear, and feel spirits, generally from dead individuals.

  1. Psychometric Empath

This is the ability to receive information, impressions and energy from physical items like clothes, photographs, jewelry etc.

  1. Precognitive Empath

This kind of Empath can feel the occurrence of a situation or an event before it really happens. Normally, this is shown or as physical/mental senses.

  1. Telepathic Empath

This type of empath can read a person’s unexpressed thoughts.

Being an empath has many positives and negatives; you can either help someone or be drowned by the absorbed emotions. 


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