Lady Bugs sign of God lick?

2 years ago
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For a while now I've been having some rough patches in all aspects of life but I'm steadily making it through... And with the weather changing and insects seeking warmth for the winter I've had a few new house guests... A few moths here and there... But, today when I was just doing my normal day routine a lady bug landed on my arm all of a sudden. I take it outside because even through its cold with only some warmth from the sun it can get food better and survive better outside and follow it's way of life.  So,  I put it on a leaf from the rose bush in front of my house that still has some green leaves. Then I go and switch n fold my laundry and when I was folding I found $11 and this is after I hit my elbow on the dryer and just kind of laughed it off saying, "I thought it was good luck for a lady bug to land on you not hit your elbow luck. " then like I said I found the money which for my family until pay day we are cutting it short and recently our battery had died on our vehicle making my fiance walk to work most of the time. So, hopefully lady luck has staffed to shine with her ray of hope from my friend the lady bug.  I've done the reading supposedly  however many spots are on its back that's how many months of luck three person it lands on will have. Mine had 5 so.... We will see!!! 

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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
2 years ago
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Hard to say. Although I must admit that it's always cool to have a ladybug land on you and hang out for a while. It always felt magical to me. I hope your luck continues!

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