Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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Hi Jenstone,

Sounds like you have received your sign. Even though you might have not wanted a cat, sounds like you have been presented with one. Is she still around? If you feel that you have a connection with her, take her in and love her. She will in return give you much needed solace, energy, grounding and love. if you have never owned a cat and need some guidance, PM me with questions. You will find that they pretty much can take care of themselves, and they come out of the womb potty trained to boot ;) Cats are true zen masters and they will convey that peacefulness to you. The color is symbolism more than personality. My soul mate appeared as white, sadly I lost him 11 years ago after 18 loving years, bless his little soul. He helped me though some really tough times. I cannot wait to meet up with him again. We had that spiritual connection that you spoke of.


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