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Hello.  About your put the pot on the table, give her time to feel it out.   Remember , people that arnt like us have no idea of who we are.  I can see where it may be hard to believe if you have never experienced it.   Give her time.  I was lucky having a friend that was very heavily into Christianity and with a very open mind.  She has never doubted me because she believes in faith. I'm also happy I found this forum.  

I really don't count on approval of others to raise my vibration. The universe running though me let's me know that I am alive.    I don't really care any longer what people thinks.   I just do my thing.  Live and let live.   

It's good to research every religion and or practice.  I'm a researching nut. Lol.    

I love Celtic music. 

Witchcraft isn't my thing but if it's yours then go for it. You have got to believe in who you are no matter what.    Where ever your path takes you , love yourself   Because you are loved  by the universe  

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hi. I always got support from my best friend but very recently she didn't support me  and it was very setting because she always backs whatever crazy thing I thought.  I realized before she said it  but it was OK if she didn't understand it and that I didn't really need her or anyone support as it's my life .  we come down here alone and we leave here alone.   we all have our separate journeys and people I can always understand it if they're not in the place.  she has super crazy things that she's doing on her life and I support all of them most of it's not right but  am I to judge.   I am also bipolar or should I say diagnosed bipolar.   I honestly think things that I share with people that are close think I'm just losing my mind again but now I understand why I have extreme emotions .  someone had to tell me this and it's definitely what empaths struggle with which is emotions all around us emotions not even close to us and we have a hard time distinguishing what is there and what is ours.   in that respect that is what can drive us crazy and society can label us as bipolar.  I constantly  balance myself every day and center as much as I can and then go with the extreme ups and downs of those around me .  it is better but one thing that I struggle with is when you don't know any real life empaths in your life physically and how alone that feels.  this forum  takes away some of that loneliness because I see people going through the same stuff I am right now and we all can't be certifiably crazy.   lots of energies are going around right now on this earth bad and good and everybody actually is reacting to it and we react more so but it's important that we try to bounce ourselves and ground ourselves every day and shut out the noise of other's and I'm learning that through the people that help me on this forum.   I hope you find the same to just give it time ...

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