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First and foremost, please find, in any way you can "The Connected Universe", and watch it. A new 2016 documentary about the latest insights to quantum mechanics and how they are finding more and more evidence that our entire universe is connected on a sub-atomic level, and the experience's such finely tuned individuals are capable of interpreting/understanding/sensing are results of just that.  

When we try to explain what an empathic/hsp/clairvoyant(*insert title here) person is, most whom do not posses such ability or understanding will always view the conversation as one in which you are asking if they believe.

For most empaths however, that is not a question in any part of the mind. 

This stereotype is often induced into the conversations mood or vibration, one such reason a stereotype like this might be so overwhelmingly habitual, is that *conspiracy* through social-engineering and subsidized media we were taught as a people that it is not real, along with a rabbit-hole filled with an exuberant amount of other lies which we shall not deluge in now.

How can you dismiss millennia's of human history and knowledge? 

They didn't understand it, that's how. 

If there is one thing governments are afraid of, it is the unknown. No individual, group, society, or entire population can say they are not afraid of this.  Take the internet for example, that was an unknown for all world governments, they were not prepared for us to share information freely, sure they said we could, but we only got the news they gave us.  Now we have the power to see whats going on for ourselves, and this will be the downfall of modern day governments worldwide. Most live under a blanket of false security, while more and more are waking up everyday. 

It's a shame we have the tools to connect every person on the planet, and in turn become more disconnected than ever. We turn on our leaders, the politics have been an absolute slap-in-the-face to everyone who calls themselves an american, and a laughing stock for those who do not. As always we also cannot forget blame, yes that's right blame, the only sure-fire way to defuse any situation and resolve all parties in full compensation.  Now that we know who's fault it is, we can stone them and move on to repeat their mistakes ourselves like nothings wrong with it.  Indulgent and lazy, dependent and consuming, welcome to modern day society.  However back on topic....

The science is almost there, and when we say almost, what we mean is this: considering the exponential growth of technology in the past fifty years, it is safe to say we are seriously honing in on the secrets to existence itself. Quantum entanglement is also a very mysterious subject as we look deeper into what that means, two sub-atomic particles become entangled, and must remain in the same configuration as the other, they are not connected through a physical sense, but a wavelength, the universe is made of vibrations and frequency, and when you take the other entangled particle, and fly it across the universe, it will still match the original.  Now that we have all the distance in the universe between us, we change one of the particles to the reverse polarity, and such does the other at the same time with no one to flip the switch.  This has been done in an experiment with two labs, one on shore, and one on an offshore island.  This is the beginning of interstellar travel, and possibly teleportation on a larger scale than just atoms. Yes, we can teleport atoms. As well as many other unimaginable discoveries giving us the power to manipulate space-time itself, or even how we communicate telepathically.  It is the next evolution in technology, subsequently also the supernatural we experience as sensitive individuals. Our entire universal energy is a single conscious entity, and we are very very close to proving it. 

I believe that the angels, demons, auras, clair-* abilities, chakras, and instincts that we perceive can be our universe self-organizing itself. Just as it has since the big bang, which is also believed to be a common occurrence, but on a scale much to large for us to know or see. So... we are the universe, and the idea of individualism is only an illusion to become a more productive consciousness. Tell me can you stop your heart from beating just by thinking about it?  We are the organs of which the universe can experience itself with.  We are all one, it has been said many times spanning many years, and it is a truth people will soon understand. If we do not evolve and grow into a understanding species we will surely be our own demise. Will the universe let us destroy ourselves, when we are such an important piece of the puzzle ourselves? Sure it will, the universe is steaming with all forms of life, that's all it is, do you choose to partake?

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