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heya - anyone else vegetarian, or vegan- and supplementing (algae-derived) Omega 3 (EPA/ DHA)? Just started. Seems I might have had too much Omega 6 in my diet (plus possibly having taken on much through my skin, using Grapeseed Oil in my massage work), so likely did not synthesis enough EPA/ DHA (medium and long chain Omega 3)  from ALA (short-chain, plant based Omega 3). So am wondering if that might have been the cause for occasional aphasia this year, and some peripheral nerve pain during the last 4 weeks (which much improved after just three days supplementing DHA/ EPA). Have a feeling that potentially low EPA/ DHA levels might have made it much easier for negative energies to invade.....?

(Perhaps we should have a diet section in the Forum?)

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Hi. I agree a diet/earing plan forum!  I know for me having these empath abilities have wreaked havoc on me physically and am working my way back to good health.  Until I was told it was other people that were sick and cause I feel when when someone is sick around me.  I thought I was just a mess physically. The running joke for me was "oh here comes the patient with mysterious illnesses that we can't identify".  I think it's great that you are vegan!

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Yes a nutrition section/forum would be great! I'm in the process of becoming vegetarian/vegan, gluten/dairy free, moreso due to feeling crap after any meat or meat based products or gluten. Apparently that happens when your vibration changes right???! Not at all something I planned, and might've been easier if it hadn't have happened by the sound of all those letters you've just put up there, no idea what they mean so might have to look into it! 

no advice for you sorry goodenergyhealing but interested in any responses that shed some light as I move into this new way of eating 

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