Interpreting warning signs

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I just want to start by saying "Just because it could be worse, doesn't mean it couldn't be better"

And from this, ask a question about myself, or rather said, ourselves in general. I know we are highly sensitive people (though I am wondering whether we should really be named like this... with the conception of "having something weak there". In my opinion it's such a strong gift, it just asks you to take care of it and yourself and make you accept things on a deeper level) and everybody gets premonitions, an eerie or just overall "shaky" feeling that "it will not be ok if i do this" or "this will not bring me any good" even though on the spot it might seems like you cannot find the root cause and your brain and common sense are like "you can treat this 'professionally' and pull it out right? it will be of use in the future, don't give it up" or something like this. And yet, despite all the logical reasons, you wake up as if accessing your heart becomes even harder and so does relating to other people, or you even feel like you cannot tolerate any longer certain people that you didn't mind "borrowing" some energy through the link between you two (well I'm actually quite glad because of this actually). You want, say, a professional thing, but somehow in practice, it drains you of the thing you want to share the most: love, acceptance, easy-going-ness. Sure it might bring a sense of "you are doing something" but at the same time it's like a pretext. Ultimately you feel stressed, and wake up thinking one thing: wanting to give it up as realistically speaking, you've also got plenty of other opportunities, even though you've made plans about this and now you're slightly disappointed.

Now to be more exact, and I am sorry I generalized it so much (i was hoping that others could maybe relate), this is definitely not a one-time feeling/case scenario. I have feelings/premonitions so to call them about things, about people, about anything that might not go well and which does not go according to my... will of doing something better in this lifetime. I was proven right many times, and yet, some other times, despite even getting physical illness after prolonged time in this anxious state of "I don't really want to do this in this environment" i actually pulled it out. Once again, these feelings are re-appearing now, and it is about volunteering at a students organisation, which was cool while I was abroad. The problem is with the one in my country... well... I perceive the community differently, in a bit of a darker shade (which can be explained by a big difference in socio-economical factors............) and yet it drains me, feels like I want to pull away from people rather than open up more, so even though it seemed like this will be the perfect chance to help other students and so on I am ultimately getting these signals that my heart does not agree with it. I even caught a cold in these 2 weeks of "should i do this" after not having any for 2 years. There is one big material factor (my license, and not so much free time) but the most important one remains my gut instinct that keeps making me want to pull away. 

I have been learning to trust it, and interpret a lot of signs, and yet I have a long way to go. I now realize when I was younger I used to get drained and horribly overwhelmed from a sensorial point of view and crowds, malls, stuff with a lot of radio waves etc were not my favorite spots. This is why some of my rationalizing might have been wrong, and I was just scared to do a certain thing. I do not want this to be the case again, and I do not want to be a coward, or get "paranoiac" about it, which for us can oftentimes be a big problem I believe. 

Yet I've always loved to go adventure-mode and do things others are afraid of, so I cannot speak about being scared per se, but rather, unsure of how to interpret the signals that i get and lack of confidence in myself (more in the past). From horse riding, to scuba diving, public speaking, jumping in the defense of someone who gets bullied for bullshit or actually trying to separate fighting dogs or touching wild snakes. I am naming these maybe because I want to underline that i have a different concept of fear...

it's more related to not screwing up all the hopes that my loved ones and family put in me, or even 'better', being afraid to take risks. I also had to create some ripples there because I grew extremely uncomfortable with any traditional role or expectations that were placed upon me and would essentially not benefit my own wishes that i for too long I just kept within myself anyways. I cried so much when i was younger .__. But I am happy to discover wishes do come true. And this is exactly what i want.

So there you have it: how do you know, how have you learned to separate actual premonitions/bad feelings from potentially obsessive/paranoiac thoughts? I know that sometimes you cannot even do that even if you're told or read about it, it's only through experience and time that you can weight the probability and your own will that play a role in something happening or rolling in a certain way... maybe I should just try to reach a calmer state more often :/

Note: I found out there is a history in my family with predictive dreams and images that came true and even some of our close friends or some other people knew about them. If it was not for this, I might have still been questioning my own sanity, since I tend to always first question things. My mother dreams about them however so they are more of a "hard to influence" matter. I have choices, and this is my problem :/ 

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Cat Whisperer
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When I get really strong feelings about someone or something, it comes across as a really sick feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I will throw up. I will get away from the situation to test then if the feeling keeps happening and I ignore the feeling, it's almost like there is a little person poking me on the shoulder....a gnawing feeling. If that is ignored, the issue or person will show up i. my dreams. This only happens when it is a very dire situation.

In the past when I have had warning signs about things I would totally be disregarded. On one specific occasion years ago, I had a friend that befriended someone. I warned him that this person was not as he seemed, but my warnings went ignored. Long story short, this person caused my friend to get shot. Other occasions when major red flags have popped up, my warnings have been ignored. Funny how people have to learn the hard way...

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Hello Kate

First off, you have to quit doubting your self.  I don't doubt your abalities because mine are similar.

I know fear up close and personal.  I use to push away my remote viewing  and premonition because of the fear of the unknown  or demonic attachments.  The Known is way more comfortable.  I fear when researching dark subjects because it's not something that's in my nature or I have ever allowed in my life  so my intuition starts throwing red flags  but now when I start feeling the red flags I stop and feel the fear and if I need to stop or proceed in caution.   There is always a reason for the fear but I need knowledge of these dark subjects to balance the darkness and light and how to deal with the unfavorables.   

I have also met energies that have made me physically sick like Cat experienced, in human and other dimensional forms.  I try to let those feeling exit as quick as they enter because I have no space in my energy for them anymore    

In my opinion , when you are spiritual ready, you will slowly start adventuring out and excepting fear for what it is   An emotion , but also a tool our intuition uses to keep us from danger.   

I use to be scared of spiders   Think that a spider was in my hair would bring on a panic attack and would drain my energy   But nowadays (I still don't won't a spider touching me)  I don't kill every spider I see because they are here for a purpose just like myself so as long as they leave me alone I will let them live to die another day  lol    Even enemies can show respect   

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Hey guys, thanks for the responses, I always feel them useful.

I did take the decision I was talking above according to my gut and even though I am still unsure how it will further play out, I am happy/I was glad I did that.

I checked the site rene, and i did come across a point that I have been trying to do yet didn't fully get to it: experiment with my intuitive knowing, not fearing imaginary shadows as long as I know I do it with the purpose of learning ^^. Way to go still, and while I cannot say "I wish i knew our hearts are the best compass earlier, even though sometimes I still might want to shut it away" I sure wish more people started torturing themselves... less, and let their imagination and intuitive side free. So many problems can/could be solved this way... : /

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