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Hi @khairi welcome to the life of an empath! All of what your describing is normal for most of us. There's lots of awesome resources out there for you to learn from so make sure you check out the different topics on this site to get you started. Yes you need to cleanse crystals - this can be done a lot of ways- under a full moon is awesome, just leave them out and Luna will work her magic. I take mine to the beach quite frequently and just leave them in a mesh bag in the water for a few minutes. Attach an intention to this - ie have it clear in your minds eye that your crystals are being cleaned of any energetic buildup etc if you cannot get to the beach - mix up salt water with Epsom salts - great for you also if you can add this to your bath.... just a couple of ways to start. 

Shielding needs to be practiced. A lot. It can take a while. But if you are highly anxious it will make it difficult. Try some releasing and grounding techniques and also check out guided meditations on these on YouTube. There's some great ones available. But practice practice practice and you'll get it and then can move to the next part... 

your last question - can something attach to you? Yes. 

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