Something good coming up?

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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
8 years ago
49 posts
I would offer a reading, but I can't do that.I'd like to know if there's something good coming in the near future for me. I lost my job in January, I've been sick with allergies since March. I'm not very hopeful about a job, I'm feeling pretty lonely and neglected.Thanks very much.Debbie
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8 years ago
414 posts
Hi Debbie,Please keep in mind that the readings offered here are Empath readgins, not psychic readings. I know it can be confusing but it's only a very small minority of Empath who are also able to read future probabilities. I know I can't do that to save my life!What Empaths can do is maybe offer some insights about the emotional inner working taking place within you that might be contributing to the struggle you are experiencing...Difficult situations can become a lot more livable just by changing your "inner landscape", so that you can be more at peace while you wait for the good stuff ;)I hope this helps!in loveElise

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