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You know, I wonder if a lot of Empaths arnt in the same place as you. I wonder how many gets married, not due to love, but of not wanting to let the other person down. Or felling their emotion, not yours. Well, the word "love" means so many different things.I have often felt tied down (Sagittarius lol) not due to lust but just the feel of freedom. Freedom to be myself. I guess the world isn't ready for that.I sorry, I was thinking out loud.Sometimes I think you have to move away from the current situation to see if it is true love. Whatever the definition of that is. If you can live without that person, but you have to remember, it works both ways. Faith may be moving you away from him so his soulmate can step into place. That isn't a reason for you to stay though, it something you need to consider and to be emotionally ready for (if that's even possible). Faith could be moving you around so your soulmate can step up also. I hope you both find happiness and both at peace within yourself.

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