Can an empath be truly happy?

Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
6 years ago
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I've been reading the third Harry Potter book in which he needs to think about his happiest moments to produce a patronus. I'm not sure if I've ever had a truly happy moment. I've had brief moments of time when I thought my life had possibilities, but none of them have happened. It seems like what should have been major highlights of my life, like graduation from high school and college, were always overshadowed by someone or something. It's been a struggle to stay positive and keep myself going in a life in which I've mostly been alone, and I've also missed out on most of life's big moments, like marriage, children and buying a house. Do many empaths feel overshadowed and out of place?

Thank you.

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