Starting a new relationship after being horribly hurt

Jodi Hill
Jodi Hill
2 years ago
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I was terribly betrayed by my ex husband a few years back. We had been married for 14 years and although thing's weren't perfect I thought we would be together forever. Turned out he had been cheating on me for many years with different women. Well, needless to say, after confronting him thing's turned ugly and he said and did some very hateful thing's to me.

I went through a very bad depression for well over 2 years. We just got divorced last November and I have just recently been starting to come out and attempt to allow myself to start talking to men again in hopes to start dating or even find the right man I am supposed to be with.

I have been chatting online with this guy who lives in another state. we have only been chatting a few weeks. Haven't yet heard one another's voices nor seen each other on video but yet this man feels strongly about wanting to be with me and has already asked me to marry him. I feel he is rushing thing's along and I'm not sure if it's for the right reason's or not. He keeps asking me to say "yes" to him so he need not worry anymore about where "we" stand. I told him my story about my marriage and told him I am not rushing into another relationship to have it end in disaster or to find it wasn't really what I wanted or best for me. I have told him that I find it hard attempting to start a relationship with anyone online and that I want to take thing's slowly. Yet, he continues to try to push me. He's already called me bossy and is already talking about "changing" thing's about me. He is a very good looking man and I'm sure quite nice but I don't like the fact that he's calling me bossy due to I have told him that after the bad relationship's I've had that at my age I am not settling for anything but the best for me and what I want so therefore he calls me bossy. He attempted to tell me that according to the bible women are to be submissive to their husband's.. LOL.. that is so not me and it never will be. I am a strong willed woman.

I don't even really know if I feel romantic about him. It's like I feel no connection there and not sure if it's actually what I'm feeling or it's due to being over the internet but he seems so stiff and stuffy and not at all relaxed and seems not to have a sense of humor.

I'm not sure what to do at this point but all I do know is my gut feelings are that this will not work out and I will not be happy with this man. already he's talking about finding someone who knows how to cook meals and wanting a woman who can pick out his clothes for him and the proper wine to pour for certain meals and so on. I know nothing about that kind of stuff and don't want to..

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