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Hello everyone!I would like some insight on some things I have been experiencing.

I have had a bad relationship with someone for a couple of years on and off mostly because I thought I was in love with him but this wasnt the case...It was his obsession I felt and at the time I didnt know about empaths and that I was one...long story short the point is I felt this person a lot especially when things started to go bad...I could sense him when we were close, at the same club, restaurant or even when he passed through my home late at night...when I found out about empaths and learnt a lot from this site I was able to cut the cord and be free

after that I became close with a friend that went through a break up too and that had a crush on me since we started being friends (a well controlled crash).This person was to me like an energy cleanser, not from the ex but from everything. I would only talk to him for a while and felt like I had been meditating and cleansing and grounding for a day. Now we are not so good because our previous friendship and this new situation and some other stuff caused misunderstandings but we might be on the path of solving them.

I have however some questions and I am trying to find answers...

I cannot sense him like my ex...he could be in the same location and I dont feel it. And its not like we havent spent time together, we have spent more time than with the previous guy (who is a very damaged person by the way..may be even a sociopath). Well maybe with my ex I sensed the danger....

Why is it so hard to read him also??Could he be an empath? I only receive this extremely calming energy

Secondly, am I in love with him or with his energy?or is it the same??

Thank you for "listening"

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