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I'm just so lost on what to do.This woman I have a crush on, what a surprise, suddenly found me after two years. I had thought of her a few days before and said I missed her and wanted to work on things since I was under the wrong impression when I briefly dated her two years ago.Well she vanished, went to another state, then didn't seem to be coming back. Eventually this young lady found me. I've known her for some months now. She is attractive and able to pass my tests but she's so young. I feel like me being 10 years older makes it strange, especially since she is 18.The other woman is older, 24-26 but I've known her growing up. We met like 10 or 11 years ago. We didn't date each other because of rumors from each other back then and from being stubborn. When I did date her, I guess she was at a bad point. I kinda held it against her and stopped dating her thinking she was using me.I have already set plans to hang with the older woman but this other woman wants to tag along and she has some bf I dislike, he's not coming of course. I just want to be alone with this woman for a few days.. I know she wants me. She actually pulled in front of my house with a car full of people demanding I spend time with her, but I couldn't because of work.Who knows how far my crush will go. I know the other girl that wants to tag along wants me too, but when she tried I didn't really give in. I hope she doesn't try to make it seem like we were together at some point because that would be a lie.I hope the night goes well. I'll stop by a friends bar then find some place for free snacks. I love free food!
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