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Jodi Hill
last year
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I was told to join several dating sites that I might find my soul mate in one of them. I have been in many of them for over 2 years and still have not made any sort of connection with anyone. Most of these men either want money or want you to show body parts to them.

I find it very hard to make any sort of soul connection with people so how on earth will I ever find my soul mate? I keep attracting all these young men my own son's age or even younger or men that are old enough to be my father. I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe after the horrible break up of my marriage I am just meant to be alone the rest of my life never finding true love...

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last year
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This sounds like where I was several years ago! Then I discovered the law of attraction. Listen to your words. You are attracting exactly what you are saying. Visualize the person whom you would like to be with. Keep doing this and it will happen. :)
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Aww, Jodi how I sense your frustration and disappointment! I too have joined a few online dating sites and came across so many disappointments that you have described above! Either too old or way to young. I decided that the online dating sites were not for me and got out. I have been single and celibate now for over fifteen years. Granted I have been lonely, but I don't regret my decision. I just visualize the man who I long for and trust that one day I will meet him and we'll be married. You are a lovely woman who will meet the right man one day, I'm sure! I would rather be where I'm at then end up with the wrong person just because of my loneliness. Hoping that you meet the right man soon, sweetheart!

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