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Cat Whisperer
4 years ago
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Jodi, I have also come from an abusive past. Some of the things you mention resonate with me so my heart goes out to you for enduring such pain. I have not spoken to my adult daughter in over 20 years due to a similar situation. I have a grandson that I have never met. I deal with that pain a lot, but as hard as it is, you have to make peace with it. Otherwise you will continue to be miserable and have side effects from all the poison (depression, etc). Just remember you cannot change other people. They will believe what they want to believe. That does not change who you are inside. You have to remember that. Hopefully she will come around and listen to your view in time. Keep in mind that she might not. It may be painful to her to hear about her dad being such a monster. Good luck in your journey. I pray that one day your relationship with your daughter will be mended. In the mean time, accept what is. Try to release the poison and try not to judge the situation. That only makes it worse. As hard as it is, you have to forgive....that is the beginning of the healing.A lot of people are having to deal with past B.S. This has to be dealt with and healed before you can move on.

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