Timelines and possible Outcomes

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I wanted to start a conversation and I hope this is the proper group for it. Some of us empaths have been able to tune to different timelines and seen what is possible. I know of one that has seen a possible timeline that resembles the new Mad Max movie.


And some may wonder, what is a timeline. It is a result of the time experiments done in time travel (yes they did those) from the 40s to present, and also ET intervention trying to change outcomes. Such intervention creates a quantum split where the desired action happens from the other in which it does not. It became so bad it resembled roots on a tree.

Those that can did repair them. As a result the timeline where the NWO did succeed was merged into ours and it is only for a little while and they will not succeed. This does not mean that the Earth is not in the process of the Shift going to split.

So it appears that the Earth will split feom 2-3 possible timelines/pieces. The bad one will resemble the Mad Max type of world. It has also been made apparent to me that we are on the correct one as in not the bad one. Notice the NWO and the Cabal's manipulations through the banking Sector and their False Flag events.

So if that member would wish to come forth and share, it may help some to understand.

I do not pretend to be an expert here but just wish to share in my discoveries.

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