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I have been keeping my self grounded and protective and trying to advance in my abalities and searching for more knowledge but the more I try to advance the more problems I'm having. Mentally and physically. I have cut cords, and done all I know to do. Physically, my body has sore spots all over it like bruises , but no bruising , I got up this morning with a sore spot on my forehead like I had bumped my head but I haven't. No swelling but can hardly touch it. This is happening everyday. I have lost all energy. I have sharp shin pain for no reason Mentally, I have become separated from everyone I guess. Everyone keeps asking me what is wrong. Nothing is wrong. This could be a medical problem but I hate going to doctors and taking any kind of meds. I do not have problems with depression or any thing like that. Up until now, I have been pretty much a healthy person other than asthma but my meditation has helped it a lot. My question is, can there be other reasons this is happening to me especially since I have been trying to advance. I have always heard in Christianity , after being saved, the devil targets Christians more often than non Christians , I wonder if the same rule applies in all situation. No they devil, per say (I don't give him credit) but something is going on. Can anyone relate to this? If not, I guess I will have to give in and go to the doctor but I fell it has something to do with me trying to advance. Oh well, what do you think ?
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Hi Rene

I have heard this mentioned before and to a greater or lesser degree. I do suggest that you see a physician as it may very well be related to a physical ailment and it would be a good thing to have some tests run just to see if it isn't something that can be easily taken care of. Why suffer needlessly if you can have this situation remedied.

In the meantime you may wish to bring in angelic protection in your home. I recently helped a highly empathic friend who had similar problems. We brought in Archangel Michael and Uriel and surrounded and infused her home with high level intense White Light and angelic energy. It worked in a very short time and she is "bad guy" free.

At this time of increased Light energy downloads into this world we are experiencing a greater separation between those who are materialistic in spirit and those who are connected to the Light. In one of my angel stories from the Library of Light a member mentioned a visit from her great grandfather who told her that this will increase in intensity. Those of the Light shine very brightly from the spirit realms perspective. This is why we get visits from the nasty spirit types. Once you bring in the Light of the higher realms to surround you and infuse you the dark ones cannot get to you and are soon put on the run. This increase in energy is also a reason why people will come up to you and tell you their life stories and just want to be around you. WE SHINE with the energy of the Light. You can read more about this at the Library of Light under at these links

Angel Stories

Angels and You

Signs of Angels in Your Life

I suggest that you start with first book on this list as it will help you realize why certain things are happening to you at this time.

Dolores Cannon

If you check out physically the spiritual realm will definitely help you to get back on your feet and increase your energy. Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, and Uriel and Michael will definitely protect you. Please let me know how things progress in this situation. In the meantime I will add you to my list of people that I pray for and send you Light energy on a daily basis from now on.

Throw some love into the wind.


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