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Good morning~

Joined this group as soon as I saw the line..."Feeling lost" in the description...I am hoping writing this can help me.

I am feeling increasingly disconnected; I have no desire to connect with the 'human' world, and feel as if it's unsafe. I have no 'friends' or people I feel connected to in my day to day life. I often am overwhelmed and put off by the way people live and the state of our world. If I am not at work, I often hold up in my home, watching reruns on netflix and shutting down, zoning out and avoiding the world as much as possible.

I have tried to connect, but people don't like me; (or so it seems) I have never felt a part of the general population and for a while thought I found a home in a spiritual community, but lately, even there all I feel is the falsehoods, the judgements and masks people wear. It too has became a place where I don't feel safe. I have a strong sense that people are not genuine and it saddens me to the point of exhaustion. Grounding works, but only for a little while; I can't spend a lot of time in public. If I focus on compassion it will help too, but also only for a short period.

These people here, on earth, do not feel like my people; I struggle to feel connection to anyone. I have a handful (literally less then 5) of people who I trust and feel connection to but they all live out of town. I feel as though I need to do something to 'fix' myself...so that I can be a part of the 'real world' but then I feel conflicted and think, no, I'm not wrong, the state of the world is not authentic and it pains me. It doesn't feel like I'm coming from ego, but maybe I am.... I have for a period of my life, ran by ego; I was 'better' then the rest of 'them' but that's not what this feels like. I can see and understand why people live the way they do. When I meet someone who is struggling in whatever way, I can show compassion, I can listen and support and send love. I feel though that I am alone in my view of the world. The daily grind is not something I'm built for. I don't care what 'stuff' I have or how to get more money to buy more stuff. I stopped paying attention to the news like 25 years ago because I knew instinctively that it was not good for me. But because of my lack of desire to participate in the way the general population thinks/acts I feel utterly alone.

I so wish some days that I too could not see what I see and feel. The sadness, the anger, the judgement, the overwhelming selfishness of the world. I know that others are doing the best they can, but I don't feel as though I can be or rather that I am a part of it. Therefore I often feel very alone.

Perhaps I need to focus on connecting to source; has anyone here have similar experience? What have you done that helps? I have 2 days off, with no responsibilities; so I believe I will meditate and potentially make another attempt to attend that spiritual community I am so disconnected from. or perhaps not...I am seeking guidance...any would be helpful.

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You are a very highly evolved spirit. I know people who are from the Pleiades system who are a lot like you.They have a VERY hard time being here and wish to "Go Home". Have you read "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth" by Dolores Cannon or "The Recalibration of Humanity 2013 and Beyond" by Kryon? When my wife and I are not at work we "hold up" in our home as well. You are not alone.

Throw some love into the wind


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When I read your message, it was like reading my own words. I do understand where you are. You are not alone. I do battle these feelings on a daily basis as you do. One thing I do know is that we are here during this time for a reason. You do shine a light in the darkness of this world. I agree with you that you need to seek solace with Source. God loves you and KNOWS your pains. Source is your strength and can replenish you when you feel empty. You are a conduit of light and love in a dark world. The people around you are really just deceived. I will send light and love your way. In the mean time, be kind to yourself. Go outside and into nature and really breathe it in. KNOW that it is no accident that you are here and living during these very dark times. Your gift is no accident either.

Take care and know that you are not alone.

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Thank you ~ to both of you. It is hard to remember that we are all here for a reason;

I think I'll stay inside today though...the -33 degrees feels unwelcoming! Maybe tomorrow! ;) But lots of deep breaths and meditation from inside a warm home will do for today.

I will do some reading on Pleiades and see what I can see.

It makes a world of difference to hear the kind words of others. Thank you again.

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