Emmy Long
Emmy Long
3 years ago
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Drugs are a horrible thing. I was in a relationship with a drug addict for 2 years. I'm not saying your fianc is necessarily addicted but if he's hanging out with those people and you've found it, he's not far from being there. Drugs make people pull away, they become selfish, mean, and they aren't who they used to be before the drugs. If he's not willing to stop using and gaming out with those people, the best thin you can do for yourself is leave before he's gotten you wrapped into it. And I don't mean that he will get you to join in using (though that can happen to some people), but dating an addict gets you stuck in a bad place in other ways. They can start stealing, from you and others. They can be emotionally abusive. Before you know it they've stolen your debit card to buy their drugs, and rent is due but you don't have the money. It destroys your other relationships with friends and family because they either don't approve of you being with somebody like that, or you lie to them to cover it up. There's so much to lose and it's hard to see it going until it's already gone. Be careful and think of yourself first. <3

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